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AutoeBid is the only UK company that will actively search through all the possible types of suppliers available in the UK in order to obtain the best possible deal.

Due to our experience in the auto industry, we know who many of the most competitive suppliers in the industry are. We will also always spend time researching new suppliers and confirming their status and their ability to deliver.

All of our new car suppliers are substantial dealers and most are manufacturer-franchised dealerships.

AutoeBid aims to connect buyers of vehicles and related services to the most competitive, reliable suppliers in the UK auto industry. We can access thousands of suppliers from main car dealers, UK new car brokers, Internet dealers, wholesalers, supermarkets, leasing/contract hire firms, import/export brokers and commercial vehicle suppliers.

Please be advised that all information contained in this directory is for your personal use in locating a supplier near you. From time to time suppliers open, close, move, change telephone numbers, etc. As such no guarantees or representations are made concerning the accuracy of the information contained here. If you are aware of inaccurate information please alert us to the issue.