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June 8, 2010

The Aussie police suffer with the Mito

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Australian law enforcement officers have taken delivery of their latest crime fighting tool and it’s an Alfa Romeo Mito – not the most impressive police car, but certainly the coolest police car, better than our Astra Diesels.

The broad-shouldered law enforcement community in Sydney has just acquired a beige Mito. A fine car, undoubtedly, but one we fear will not strike sufficient fear into the hearts of hardened Aussies crim-types.

The New South Wales police say the Mito will be used in ‘community outreach and safety awareness programs’, sadly denying locals the arresting spectacle of seeing the little Italian in hot pursuit of a joyridin’ ute.

So, to our question of the day: what’s the most unimposing police car you’ve seen round your way? Yeah, we’re talking less scary than an Astra diesel, kids.

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