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The estimated delivery time for this vehicle is: 1-12 weeks

Dealers will usually order limited cars to the standard specification without factory fitted options. Most new cars are built to your exact order at the factory and average around 12 weeks. info1

Many dealers will not show vehicles as being available on the manufacturers systems as they are reluctant to swap their vehicles with other competing dealers therefore dealers will always try to sell you what they have and not what you want.

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BMW 4 SERIES DIESEL COUPE 430d M Sport 2d Auto "Service rating : This was the first time I've used Auto eBid a I will use them again unless I can negogiate direct which seems unlikely!! They came very very close to the price I had nominated - wi several hundred - but as a result dropped their full fee because they couldn't fi a dealer to match the nominated price. I suspect the price would now be met since I bought ""off plan"" so to speak a ordered a diesel 430 before they came out having driven only a 428i - Auto eBid's interaction wi me was exemplary - they answered all my questions (not that I had many as they anticipated many of them) very promptly a the whole thing went very smoothly. I must say the dealer I finally bought off was in the sticks (I live in London) but he was brilliant - much better than any of the previous local BMW dealers I've bought from in the past - don't be worried about ordering through Auto eBid they are very good indeed at what they do - certainly that's my impression based on my experience.
Car rating: I owned a 330D M Sport Coupe from new for 3 years before buying the 430D M Sport. It is a very different car - the 430 is a lot more refined - corners better a accelerates faster than the 330 but it doesn't feel like it - in a good way. It does take some getting used to after the slightly agressive feel of the 330D the 430 is more refined - as I read in a mag review it is more a smaller 6 series a that's spot on. It is more economical in Eco-mode by about 8% over the 330D. Despite what the reviews say the 430 is not lower than the 330D the seating position can be it has far more adjustment a you feel properly ""in"" the car - getting back into my wife's 335i it feels like I'm sitting on it even at the lowest seat setting. The deletion of (standa in Germany)) driver side glove box a additional power socket in passenger footwell that are mentioned in the brochure is annoying (read the back cover get out clause on the BMW brochure) but I'm ove r that! The eight speed sport auto is a real joy - I have optional adjustable dampers a I'd urge you to get them if ordering the M Sport - in Sport mode the car changes character completely a in much more like the 330D M Sport but quicker - the diesel is very willing a impressive in bo cars but slightly better in the 430. The whole car is much bigger feeling than the measurements suggest a wi the mirrors in normal position is over 2 metres wide so watch those 6ft 6inch restrictions! It is a very pretty car - I've had this for 2 months now a had more comments on it in that time than ever about the 330. The RF tyres on the 18 inch rims have been increased in wall height by an additional 5% so they sta higher than the 18"" RF tyres (same width) on the 330 - this has probably helped the ride a has improved the aesthetic in my view. It is a very lovely car there is no question but it will take getting used to if you've had a 330 coupe before. I was surprised that the plastic front wings of the 330 Coupe have been replaced by a return to steel ones on the 430D - the front a rear sections appear to be plastic as they are on the 330. "
BMW 3 SERIES DIESEL SALOON 320d xDrive Modern 4d Step Auto [Prof Media] Service rating : This was the seco time I have used Auto eBid: bo experiences have been trouble free.
Car rating: It's a nice car which is enjoyable to drive a I rate 4 star
BMW 3 SERIES DIESEL TOURING 320d SE 5d [Business Media] Service rating : Whole process handled very efficiently.
Car rating: Very happy wi car overall. Looks good a drives well wi good fuel economy (average of about 55 mpg). Only niggle is that there is no tilt adjustment on the front seats- very important if you suffer from an achy lower back on long journeys.
BMW 3 SERIES DIESEL SALOON 330d xDrive M Sport 4d Step Auto [Prof Media] Service rating : I have already been recommending Auto eBid to other people a would certainly use them again in the future. I had contacted some dealers directly a received quotes over the RRP price, due to it been a new model they would say, but via Auto eBid I was able to save about 10% off the RRP price a get the finance deal I specified. Very impressed wi the service.
BMW 3 SERIES DIESEL SALOON 330d M Sport 4d Step Auto [Professional Media] Service rating : I approached a few dealers directly but none were able to match the autoebid price. Excellent communication during the entire process.
Car rating: This car will very much exceed your expectations!
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