120d Sport 5d (introduced September 2011, ref N52438)
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The estimated delivery time for this vehicle is: 1-12 weeks

Dealers will usually order limited cars to the standard specification without factory fitted options. Most new cars are built to your exact order at the factory and average around 12 weeks. info1

Many dealers will not show vehicles as being available on the manufacturers systems as they are reluctant to swap their vehicles with other competing dealers therefore dealers will always try to sell you what they have and not what you want.

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BMW customer feedback on our service and the deals achieved

Vehicle Customer Comments
BMW 3 SERIES DIESEL SALOON 320d BluePerformance Luxury 4d Step Auto Service rating : The whole process was incredibly straight forward and I was led the whole way.
Car rating : I am completely satisfied with the car, which has come up to my expectations.
BMW X5 DIESEL ESTATE xDrive30d SE 5d Auto [7 Seat] Service rating : Auto eBid delivered what their web page promises. No prospect of me achieving that magnitude of discount in a BMW showroom.
Car rating : Smooth, quite, powerful and high tech.
BMW X3 DIESEL ESTATE xDrive20d SE 5d Step Auto [Dynamic] Service rating : a well constructed site allowing comparisons and showing savings straight off.
Car rating : Fuel efficient, well finished, drives and handles all round utility luxury vehicle..its a BMW!
BMW 3 SERIES SALOON 328i Luxury 4d Service rating : Great service, good communication
Car rating: Lovely car, picked it up 5 days ago and done 750 fun miles already!
BMW X3 DIESEL ESTATE xDrive30d SE 5d Step Auto Service rating : Autoebid arranged the car I wanted which was in short supply. The dealer kept delaying; Autoebid offerred to find an alternative supplier but I was at that stage rather skeptical becasue the car was in such short supply. I (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to their trying to find an alternative supplier and they came up trumps to my surprise and delight.
Car rating: The car suits me very well. I use it for London, the country, and travel. It is a perfect combination of comfort on motorways and capable on snow and ice (for skiing holidays). This car won't be for everyone, but it works for me - good allround use and good for skiing.
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