1.6 One 2d Auto [Sport:Media Pack] (introduced August 2010, ref N48859)
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Date Launched 02/08/2010
New MINI CONVERTIBLE review at a glance:
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Advantages: Relatively cheaper than the Cooper S, low running costs and the soft top roof operates quickly and easily.

Disadvantages: The hard suspension makes for a bumpy ride and it is definitely not the best insulated soft top convertible around.

Summary: The new Mini Convertible offers the thrill of a convertible combined with the same classic features that you have come to love about the new shape Miniís.

The Mini Cooper is a car that is a lot of fun, but how do you make it more fun? You can cut the top off and make it a convertible! The new Mini Convertible adds joy to and already fun little vehicle.

It has a really well thought out top, as if you just want a little air there is a sunroof mode which just opens a small amount at the front. Like all Miniís it is great to drive and has outstanding handling, it really defines agility. The ride is a bit bumpy however as the suspension seems really short and hard.

Where the convertible does let itself down is it seems to let in an awful lot of road noise. Some soft top vehicles do a good job of insulating from road noise, however the new Mini Convertible isnít one of them. Visibility is also pretty poor all the way around, creating a lot of blind spots. However the back of the roof does lift up to allow better access to the boot.

MINI customer feedback on our service and the deals achieved

Vehicle Customer Comments
MINI COOPER HATCHBACK 1.6 3d [Pepper Pack] Service rating : Very easy process once again
Car rating: Great little car
MINI ONE HATCHBACK SPECIAL EDITIONS 1.6 Graphite 3d Service rating : Having used the service before, I see your pricing model has changed based upon the purchase price of the car. I would like to propose a different pricng model as I believe this is more likely to put off the purchasers of hight ticket items. Instead, if it was based on a percentage of the amount saved say + 100 admin fee, then the more it's discounted, the greater your fee
Car Review: One very impressive car & definitely loves up to all the hype. Mini's 5 + extended to 3 year service plan is second to none so bit of a win win, happy days
MINI COOPER S COOPER S CONVERTIBLE 1.6 2d Auto [Chilli Pack] Service rating : Good website and service but I was not happy they never gave me the £50 promised for refering someone else who subsequently purchased a car via them, despite me emailing a couple of times.
Car Review: Petrol consumption a bit high
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