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Our fee is included in our Max Price and is only charged at the end of an auction, if we acheive 100% of all your conditions (or better)

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The estimated delivery time for this vehicle is: 6-8 weeks

Dealers will usually order limited cars to the standard specification without factory fitted options. Most new cars are built to your exact order at the factory and average around 12 weeks. info1

Many dealers will not show vehicles as being available on the manufacturers systems as they are reluctant to swap their vehicles with other competing dealers therefore dealers will always try to sell you what they have and not what you want.

To find out if any suppliers have your car in stock, simply place your order stating the delivery date you require in Step 5.

Our fee will only be charged if you achieve any offers matching all your conditions including your required delivery time and or you chose to accept an offer for a similar vehicle.

MERCEDES-BENZ customer feedback on our service and the deals achieved

Vehicle Customer Comments
MERCEDES-BENZ VITO LONG SPECIAL EDITIONS 122CDI Sport-X Van Auto Service rating : Very apprehensive to begin wi but was very pleased wi the deal I got. Saved thousands. First rate service, will be back when I need a new car!!
Car rating: Very pleased wi the way the van drives but disappointed wi the lack of storage space in the cab compared wi my VW T5. Also it's black so shows the awful finish of the panels. I suppose quality comes from Germany not from Spain. Also it's 10 inches shorter in the back then the VW a there bo long wheel base. If VW had made a true automatic then I would have gone wi that. 
MERCEDES-BENZ A CLASS HATCHBACK A250 BlueEFF Eng by AMG 5d Auto [Map Pilot] Service rating : I found that things were well dealt with and very easy to get what i required with no leg work on my behalf.
Car rating : Its early days yet but first impressions are great my A250 designed by AMG definitely feels like a step up in class compared to my Golf Gti edition 30,it may not quite have that same zip about it but it is far more smooth and luxurious
MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS DIESEL ESTATE C220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 5d Auto [Comand] Service rating : The process went very well. The target price wasn't reached and following my transaction the target price was raised inline with the price that I achieved. Still the discount was much better than the local dealers could offer.
Car rating: The car looks brilliant and I'm very much enjoying driving it. It's a high spec vehicle and I'm loving the technology.
MERCEDES-BENZ VIANO DIESEL ESTATE SPECIAL EDITION 3.0 CDI Avantgarde Edition 125 [Long] 5d Tip Auto Service rating : Easy to use and I liked the fact you only pay the fee if the price is achieved, mine was and I purchased from a maid dealer. Will always recommend the service and use it again.
Car rating: Great car if you have a big falmily, the V6 3.0 D is a smooth drive, loads of space too.
MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS DIESEL ESTATE C350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport Edition 125 5d Auto Service rating : Great price, easy to use and delivered what you said you would.
Car rating : C350 cdi sport estate, brilliant car, superb build quality with the latest version and effortless speed from the twin turbo V6. Love it
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