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Date Launched 01/07/2013
Review Date 20/03/2008
3.5 - based on 1 reviews
New BMW M5 review at a glance:
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Advantages: Great looks, luxurious settings, cannot be faulted.

Disadvantages: Huge running costs, sequential gearbox can be a little jerky.

Summary: This is a great car to have with a performance and usability level that is close to perfection.

New BMW M5 Review:
The BMW M5 still makes its position as the benchmark for others to emulate – and aspire - even after three decades of sheer excellence. Each successive generation has bettered its own previous attempts of performance and luxury. The all-new M5 is no different.

For sheer class and comfort, it cannot be faulted. But with its new V10 engine, there is extra power.

It produces 500 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque and when you mate that to a seven-speed SMG transmission what you have is arguably the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

As has been the wont of the M-series, the M5 chassis too has been engineered to keep up with the power while the exterior treatment is subtle, yet distinctive.

The car’s traction, hold and steering cannot be faulted and the drive on smooth roads is nice and easy.

The new M5 also features a new DSC traction control system specifically developed for the car. Offering three settings, the default mode offers drivers the high levels of performance and stability you would expect of a car wearing the ‘M’ badge.

One thing is for sure – the car is a true luxury to drive what with its spacious and comfortable interior, which is laced with leather sports seats.

Other styling touches, from the instrument cluster to the center console and the steering wheel are all unique to the M5.

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