How we Work - Registration and Buying: Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions for how we work - registration and buying. If you do not find the information you need please Contact Us and we will be glad to assist

Suppliers do not incur direct costs in selling a vehicle through AutoeBid. As such, the standard costs of advertising, marketing and administrating the sale are taken out of the equation.

Suppliers are also able to sell vehicles nationally through AutoeBid, which potentially allows them to sell large numbers of cars through our website. Our extensive supply base of over 1000 suppliers allows us to find the biggest car and van discounts on behalf of our customers. We spend a lots of time researching new suppliers and confirming their trading record and their ability to deliver.

By continuously keeping in contact with our suppliers, and maintaining an even larger database of suppliers who have registered with us, we can find offer you some of the largest car discounts in the UK.

Supplying dealer and vehicle purchase – Most of our suppliers are manufacturers franchised dealers. We do also have fleet suppliers. In all cases, you will be purchasing a vehicle directly from the supplier, and not from AutoeBid. The relevant supplier will provide you with the sales invoice, and the contract of sale will be between you and the supplier. We clearly identify the supplier at the point you decide to proceed.

The lowest price is shown. This is the lowest price at which a supplier has offered a vehicle for sale.

If the purchase is for a Limited or PLC company, please let us know in the details. Often special schemes are available to corporate buyers.