Do you wish to save a fifth of the price of your next new car? If so, it’s worth checking out AutoeBid, a new online service that offers a neat twist on sourcing cars via the internet.

According to the company, prospective buyers log on, specify the model they are interested in and the maximum price they are willing to pay. Then they sit back and watch as suppliers from across the UK start a bidding war for their business.

Sounds great but is it really as easy as that?

"Yes, you really can make tremendous savings," says spokesman Andy Francis.

"Dealers have a lot of stock to shift and because this service cuts down staffing overheads it means buyers can nab a genuine bargain."

Not everyone will want to buy at the click of a mouse. Many will want to sit behind the wheel first. But those who know what they are after, say, a brand new, high spec Vauxhall Zafira in silver can save 20 per cent – £3,094 off the on-the-road price of £15,470 – by going online, There are also 20 per cent savings on Ford Mondeo Ghias.

The UK still has the most overpriced new-car market in Europe, so services like this are to be applauded.

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