How does a £4,000 discount on one of the newest and highest-rated hot hatchbacks of 2010 sound? We’ve looked up an internet broker offering a deal on Renaultsport’s new Megane 250 which is so incredible that we can hardly believe it ourselves.

Go to and you’ll find a deal to buy a brand new, unregistered Megan 250 Cup – a car we described in our road test as “exceptionally talented” – from just £20,519.

Your saving will be even bigger than that if you’re interested in a few options. One buyer using the site, who specced his 250 Cup up to more than £27,000 at list price, actually landed it for just £22,764, saving £4,500 at a stroke. Call 0800 033 6022 for more.

AutoeBid guarantees you a maximum price on a car and then plays dealers off against each other, making them bid for your order. That being the case, the size of your discount can depend on whether you’re in the market at the right time; dealer stock of any particular model naturally tends to ebb and flow. If your order goes in at a time when dealer stock is low, you’ll end up paying more, but if you get lucky and chose the right car at the right time, you can really cash in.

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