There’s up to £1735 to be saved on the popular Nissan Juke at reverse auction site, as well as savings on the British-built Qashqai and Audi A5.

Unlike any other new car supplier in the UK, Auto eBid markets orders to all competitive suppliers in the UK in real-time. In addition, to suppliers competing against each other on price suppliers are also competing on delivery times, therefore we are able to offer the best delivery times on any vehicle.

In addition many of the suppliers speculatively order cars in advance and are able to offer these existing “build slots” to autoebid buyers, offering our clients better availability. Recent examples include a Porsche Cayenne Diesel Tiptronic S with bespoke options, ordered last week with our client not being able to obtain delivery before well into 2011 however our client now has an order in place with Porsche for a December 2010 delivery.

Another is the Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI Quattro 2d R Tronic. The buyer was offered a number of cars for immediate delivery that he was not offered through the Audi network and at discounts.

Cheshire-based Ian Pye used the service to secure over £12,500 off the price of a brand new Aston Martin DB9 Volante convertible built to his specification and was quoted a far quicker delivery time than his local dealer could offer.

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