ALL NEWS > NISSAN > 12th May 2009 - Volume boost for Nissan Sunderland plant
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Nissan Sunderland Plant is expecting additional, short-term customer demand for Micra, Note and Qashqai.

This is due to existing scrappage initiatives operating on the continent, as well as the forthcoming UK scheme beginning later this month.

Last month saw Nissan experiencing a year-on-year increase in sales in major European markets currently operating a scrappage scheme. This includes Germany (+nine per cent), France (+31 per cent) and Italy (+21 per cent).

In anticipation of this temporary increase in demand continuing, the plant will recruit 150 manufacturing staff on fixed-term contracts from June.

The Temporary Manufacturing Staff, who will receive four-month contracts, will operate over both of the plant’s two production lines to support a planned volume increase of around 14,000 units in total.

Trevor Mann, Nissan senior vice president for manufacturing in Europe, said: “The impact of the financial crisis is continuing and our 2009 full-year forecasts still reflect a depressed market overall.

“However, this short term spike in demand, fuelled by a number of scrappage schemes introduced across Europe, is clearly a very welcome boost to business during what is a highly challenging period for all car makers.”

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