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Romahome has launched the third generation of its compact motorhome conversions, now built on the new Citroen Berlingo, at the NEC International Caravan and Motorhome Show.

The new R25 carries on the tradition of one piece monocoque bodies that started with models built on the Citroen C15 from the mid 80s, still in huge demand today as used vehicles, and then carried through to the highly popular Citroen Berlingo with models that were recently renamed the R20 to be consistent with the latest nomenclature for the line-up.

The arrival of the second generation Berlingo chassis has enabled the Romahome, based on the Isle of Wight and current Motorhome Manufacturer of the Year, to increase the exterior dimensions by a small degree that belies the huge advantages to be found inside the new body.

Romahome managing director Brian Bailey said: “The Romahome has become the Swiss Army Knife of the motorhome world because it manages to pack so much in the way of useful detail into such a compact form.”br>
The arrival of R25 means Romahome now has a range of five models, starting with the innovative R10 launched this time last year as a conversion of the diminutive Citroen Nemo van.

The R20 continues in production at present, relaunched at the NEC in two versions as the R20 Hi and the R20 Lo, with the R25 slotting between it and Romahome’s second van conversion, the R30 built around the Citroen Relay.

The range tops out with the R40, a coachbuilt using the Citroen Dispatch chassis and with a body that can sleep four and transport six passengers in seats with three point safety belts.

“I know that R25 has been keenly anticipated by Romahome customers, the dealer network, and the specialist motorhome press and I am confident that no-one is going to leave the NEC disappointed by what they discover about our new model,” added Bailey.

“We have consistently picked up awards for our other motorhomes as well as for ourselves for our design and manufacturing standards and I don’t see any change in that with the R25.

“Other people started to imitate the R20 but ultimately it was the Romahome that always won the acclaim and continued to do so as its competitors fell away.

“The quality of our product is never in any doubt and I would suggest that the R25 builds on this significantly.

“We have produced a new model at a competitive price, starting at £29,995 on the road. There is a generous standard specification plus a thoughtful list of options that will allow owners to tailor their R25 exactly as they want it.

“Motorhomes are very much bespoke items and very few people choose a standard model. But for those who do, they will find the R25 contains more than enough equipment.”

Among the contents is a generous amount of storage, with two wardrobes and four overhead lockers.

There is flexibility in bed layout and the option to have two three point safety belts in the back, increasing the versatility for owners who don’t want the inconvenience of buying a car to augment their motorhome when they need to carry friends and family.

Brian said: “One of the beauties of a vehicle like the new R25 is that it is compact enough to be usable every day.

“With this in mind, the option of the extra seat belts negates the need for a second car especially among buyers who are retired and may want to watch their budget – or who spend a lot of time enjoying their motorhome and therefore have a car sitting around doing nothing for much of the time.

“Many of our owners are extremely active people so R25 even brings the option of a wet room with upgraded fresh and grey water tanks (increased from 34 litres each to 70 litres), a removable shower tray, and vanity locker with mirror. The R25 already contains a cassette toilet compartment.

“Hot water and blown air heating systems are also in the standard specification, there’s an ample 60 litre fridge/freezer and all the items you might reasonably expect, plus plenty more you might not but would still like to see.

“We’ve also designed a retractable bike rack that simply slides back to allow you access through the rear door without having to remove the bikes. We have even been asked to enter this into the NEC ‘Innovation of the Year’ competition.

“The R25 is powered by Citroën’s 1.6 litre HDi 90 bhp turbodiesel engine so the van has good levels of performance for those who like to spend their holiday where they want to be rather than on the road struggling to get there.

“This is intended above all else to be a very usable motorhome, not one afflicted by compromise due to its size. Naturally you can’t expect all that you would find in an American RV but the R25 is an affordable motorhome that will really be going places.”