ALL NEWS > Buying Advice > 4th September 2006 - Pre-registration: what actually is a pre-registered car?
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Pre-registration is a practice that is greeted by some with enthusiasm and viewed by others with great suspicion. It all boils down to a misunderstanding of the pros and cons of buying a pre-reg car, and AutoeNews has set itself the task of debunking the myths.

Pre-registration stems from the ability to tap into significant buying power of companies that purchase hundreds of cars a year: a large fleet company, for instance, will receive discounts of perhaps as much as 30% off the price of a Ford Mondeo because Ford want to sell as many cars as possible to them. The private buyer can benefit from big discounts by purchasing a car that is first registered in the name of the fleet company to receive that 30% saving - although it naturally means that they will be the second registered keeper of the vehicle.

AutoeBid has a help page which outlines the benefits and downsides of this, which can be found by clicking here. What Car? has also produced a useful guide to explain pre-registration, concluding: "As our research has shown, this is a great way of picking up new car with a massive discount and in some instances you might not even wait for it to be delivered because it's already on the garage forecourt."

AutoeBid always offers a first-reg price as well as a pre-reg deal where applicable on new cars, so you can compare one with the other; to check a price on your chosen car, simply click the following link.