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The New Nissan NP300 pickup is a re-introduction of the maker’s legendary workhorse pickup model, re-named NP300.

The New Nissan NP300 pickup is available in three bodystyles: Single Cab, King Cab and Double Cab, with the latter being available from late summer.

The New Nissan NP300 Single Cab accommodates three people and has the largest bed in the range, measuring 2.2m in length and 1.4m wide.

It is the ideal tough, durable pick up traditionally used for hard working self-employed sole traders typically working in remote locations, on construction sites, agriculture, or landscaping projects.

The Single Cab will be offered with both two and four-wheel drive.

In the New Nissan NP300 King Cab configuration, the NP300 can accommodate two people, as well as offering secure storage space inside the cabin for tools and materials, while the Double Cab offers seating for up to five colleagues.

With a maximum payload of 1115kg, the NP300 has a powerful yet frugal Euro 4 compliant 2.5 litre direct injection diesel producing 133hp with 304Nm torque for easy load shifting and towing.

As well as a large payload, the NP300 also has a towing capacity of 3000kg, allowing operators to carry all the materials and equipment they are likely to need, improving their working efficiency.

The engine is paired with a five speed gearbox, while its rugged independent front suspension and heavy duty rear leaf spring suspension ensure that NP300 can handle the most demanding loads and terrain.

A limited slip differential is standard, giving added traction and stability in difficult conditions.

All versions are available with all-wheel drive, giving extra flexibility and reassurance to ensure that the toughest jobs are reached without difficulty.

And to underline its suitability for the toughest working environments, the New Nissan NP300 is fitted with a sump and petrol tank guard.

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