A record number of 2.6 million new cars were registered in 2015, and with a whole batch of new models set for release in the next 12 months, 2016 looks to be an exciting year for the market.

We'll see a range of new cars including small and practicals, hybrids, SUVs and supercars arrive in UK showrooms throughout the year from manufacturers including BMW, Ford, KIA, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

Don't be surprised if 2015's astonishing new car registration record broke at the end of this year, with a number of upcoming releases expected to sell strongly. Highlights of what is to come are astonishing new safety systems, giant touchscreen dashboards and more fuel efficient vehicles on the road.

Below we have compiled a list of the best new cars arriving in a showroom near you in 2016.

Early/Winter 2016:

New Kia Sportage © Kia - New Kia Sportage

Hyundai i20 Active, available from £13,000 (est)

A five-door rugged compact crossover for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Fiat Tipo, available from £15,000 (est)

Mid-sized hatchback that joins a Fiat ranged focused on the popular Fiat 500 based models.

Toyota Prius, available from £23,000 (est)

The fourth generation Prius with a more contemporary exterior and a host of new systems.

Kia Optima, available from £21,495

The fourth-generation four-door family saloon ready to compete with the Volkswagen Passat and Mazda 6.

Kia Sportage, available from £18,000 (est)

The popular Sportage is now in its fourth-generation, and receives a number of upgrades including a more spacious interior and a new set of engines.


Spring 2016:

New Mini Convertible © Mini - New Mini Convertible

Volvo S90, available from £35,000 (est)

An executive class saloon that looks set to rival BMW's Series 5 and take Volvo into a new direction.

Ford Edge, available from £30,000 (est)

A cut price alternative to the BMW X3 and Audi Q3, fitted with a number of eye-catching technology features.

Volkswagen Tiguan, available from £23,000 (est)

VW look to put their 2015 troubles behind with a new Tiguan 23 per cent more fuel-efficient than the outgoing model.

BMW M2, available from £44,070

The model that BMW hope will become the best will only allocate 500 cars to the UK.

Jaguar F-PACE, available from £34,170

The British brand's first SUV, available in both four-wheel and rear-wheel drive.

Mini Convertible, available from £18,475

A bigger and better Mini Convertible, the third-generation model will now have a fully electric roof that is quieter and smoother than the previous model.

Range Rover Evoque, available from £30,200

The most efficient Land Rover ever, with CO2 emissions as low as 109g/km.

Suzuki Baleno, available from £12,200

A brand new compact five-door hatchback from Suzuki, their most-aerodynamic yet.


Summer 2016:

Infiniti QX30 © Infiniti - New Infiniti QX30

Renault Megané, available from £16,000 (est)

The family hatchback receives a new look, eight years since the original was produced.

Infiniti QX30, available from £27,500 (est)

A sleek all-wheel drive based on the Q30, which Infiniti say will inspire a new premium compact crossover.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class, available from £35,000 (est)

A whole range of exciting technology innovations including hand gesture control come with the upgraded E-Class.


Late/Autumn 2016:

New Alfa Romeo Giulia © Alfa Romeo - New Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia, available from £24,000 (est)

A rear-wheel drive compact executive with a DNA system that modifies the car's dynamic behaviour.

Hyundai IONIQ, available from £22,000 (est)

A class-leading,  advanced, alternative-fuel compact five-door hatchback available in three different powertrains.

Kia Niro, available from £25,000 (est)

An all-new emission vehicle marking Kia's first dedicated eco-car platform, labelled as a Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV).

Volkswagen Golf R400, available from £40,000 (est)

A powerful hot hatchback which name says it all as it's engine can produce 400bhp.

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