Along with the paperwork, checking the exterior and interior of the car is extremely important before committing to a deal.

How it looks, feels and drives are just three factors to consider, so here we have collated some of our top tips for thoroughly inspecting a car in order to get the best deal for you.


Check when the tyres were last changed how much tread is remaining as replacement tyres can be expensive, especially when it is on top of purchasing the car.

Also check the spare wheel, if the car has one, and make sure sure it is there and how much tread it has.

Check the interior

Sitting in the driver's seat, passenger seat, and rear seats allows you to test how comfortable they are.

Check that the boot provides you with all of the capacity that fits your needs. If you have anything specific you are likely to need to put in the car e.g. pushchairs, car seats etc. and take them with you to try out.

Test drive

Always test drive a car before buying. This will give you a good sense of comfort and visibility for the driver, as well as giving you a sense of if the car has enough power and indications of any faults the car may have.

If you can, try driving the car on different road types e.g. slow traffic, faster roads, corners etc. Take the car up and down through the gears and check that the gear changes are smooth.

Try braking hard, as long as it is safe to do so, as this allows you to check if the car pulls to one side and whether it judders excessively.

Make sure no warning lights appear on the dashboard.

If the car has parking sensors, electric windows, remote locking, adjustable seats, or heated windscreen etc. try them out and make sure they work correctly.

For more information on what to look out for when buying a used car visit our extensive guide here.


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