Used buyers are being urged to look out for flood damaged cars that have been affected by December's rainfall which saw large parts of the UK swamped by rising waters.

Those vehicles that suffered from Storm Desmond are beginning to appear in the used car market, according to Glass's Guides, with Category C and D* insurance write-offs that have been repaired reported to have been sighted.

After being repaired, it is likely that a flood damaged car will be put on the market for a much higher price than they should be.

Rainfall from Storm Desmond broke all previous UK records, with Lancashire and Cumbria receiving the most, the latter receiving 341.44mm (13.4in) of rain in the 24 hours between 4 and 5 December.

The Category C or D vehicles are worth a lot less than their undamaged counterparts, and although some sellers will be completely honest about the state of the car, it is likely that dishonest sales of flood damaged cars will be taking place.

Unknowing used car buyers who purchase a flood damaged car will only become aware when they receive the V5 registration document or if they try and insure the vehicle, only to find out it has been marked as Category C or D on the insurer's database.

Buying a flood damaged car from anywhere other than a reputable dealer can make it difficult to get any kind of legal compensation and a refund.

Signs that can be easily spotted on a flood damaged car include a musty interior smell, water marks on fabric and problems with electric systems. However, these signs may not become apparent straight away, for example, corrosion of metal parts often takes a while to show.

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A simple rule to follow is that if you have any doubt about the vehicle, avoid it.

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