Though "RV uplift" sounds like the kind of boost routinely offered by lingerie manufacturers, it's a major incentive for car buyers in these cash-strapped times. The new Mazda6 Business Line is being billed as fun to drive, stylish and good news for your pocket because it's been designed with an eye on resale.

Mazda has deliberately gone for high specs on this 2.2-litre diesel five-door hatchback, which is specifically targeted at fleets. So, you'll get 17-inch alloy wheels, Sanyo TomTom® satellite navigation and (of course) Bluetooth. While you might be excited about these features, their inclusion is really more about enhancing the vehicle's appeal to the next owner down the line -- so don't get too attached.

Other features to look out for include:

  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Dual-zone climate control air conditioning

The green credentials of the new Mazda6 Business Line are important, too. It emits 138g/km of CO2, placing it in the 20 percent benefit-in-kind tax bracket for the current tax year.

If colour matters to you, the three options are Black Mica, Sunlight Silver Metallic and Stormy Blue Mica. This is based on what most company car drivers choose -- something that may not please those who like to make more of a splash when they're out on the road.

Here's the real bonus, though: CAP estimates that the new Mazda6 Business Line will trounce its direct competitors by retaining an impressive 34 per cent of its P11D value (£18,130). According to Monitor-Cars editor Jeff Knight, this gives the vehicle "kerb appeal in the future used car market".

This is the first time that Mazda has developed a model targeted at company car drivers. It is hoping to sell 500 models before the end of 2011, with estimated annual sales of 1,000 units.

Will the knowledge that you're losing money at a slower rate than other motorists make you enjoy your new new Mazda6 Business Line even more? Let us know.

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