Friday the 13th has been feared by many since its early fourteenth century beginnings in 1307.

Most years only have one or two Friday the 13ths, but unluckily for us, today marks the third of 2015. But if we have all managed to survive the previous two then we can surely see the final day out without breaking a mirror or walking under ladders.

Many who believe in the superstition are likely to be hiding away in the safety of their own house, as they attempt to avoid falling victim to a few years of bad luck. However, not everyone has that luxury and most of us need to pick up the courage and take to the roads.

In 1993 a study published by the British Medical Journal found that Friday the 13th sees a 'significant level' more of traffic-related incidences compared to another day in the UK. So we have provided five simple steps to avoiding unlucky mishaps on the road your commute home will be superstition free.

5. Poor mirror positioning

They say you get seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror, which is nothing compared to the damage faulty mirror positioning could cause. You shouldn't have to twist your neck or take your eyes off the road for longer than necessary when looking to see what is behind you in your side mirrors. They should be positioned so that you don't actually see your own car, but rather beyond and what is directly behind you.

4. Make use of your lights

A standard rule to follow any day of the year, but failing to use your lights properly on the unluckiest of them all is asking for trouble. Drivers should always use dipped headlights at night as they give much better visibility and make you more visible to others on the road without inflicting glare onto them. Remember to also use your fog lights when driving in fog, and only use your full beam headlights when driving at night on an empty stretch of road whilst remembering to switch back to dipped when another car approaches you. Also, keep an eye out for any black cats crossing the road. That one requires no explanation.

3. Don't get upset if a bird lets loose on you

Yes, you read that right. A bird leaving behind its mess on your car may be yucky, but it's apparently also lucky. In fact, some believe that if a bird defecates on you, your car or your house then this means you can expect to enjoy an abundance of riches. That doesn't mean you can just leave the stuff to stack up on your car, although with the superstition alleging that the more birds involved, the richer you'll be, you can probably afford to get a new one.

2. Keep both hands on the wheel

If you're fortunate enough to enjoy some good luck on Friday the 13th, one of the ways to predict it is if you get itchy palms. This is according to superstition believers, who say that having an itching sensation in your palms is the sign that money is heading your way. Just make sure that money doesn't come in the form of a car accident compensation claim. It is the driver's primary responsibility to drive and keep constant control of the vehicle, so keeping both hands on the wheel is expected. Resist the temptation, or itch in this instance, to remove your hands from the wheel and focus on driving the car.

1. Unlucky number plates

There may not be much you can do for today with this step, other than follow the above steps and hope for the best, but avoiding having the number 13 on your car may just be the sure-fire way to preventing bad luck in the future. In 2013, it was reported that superstitious motorists were 'swerving the 13 series number plate in the belief it will lead them down a road to bad luck and misfortune'. Some dealers in the Republic of Ireland even went as far as to make 131 and 132 registrations for that year. If buying a new car with the latest plate is out of the question, you could always go down the personalised plate route.

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