Checking coolant levels are is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance. If your engine coolant levels are low than this means the engine could eventually breakdown, leaving you without a car and a huge repair bill to pay.

There are different types of coolant so it is important to make sure you top up with the right type for your car.

Topping up low coolant levels is a simple task that can be carried out by yourself. Follow these simple steps and avoid taking the risk of running low while on the go.

How to check your coolant levels

1. Locate the expansion bottle which is placed under the bonnet. The owner's manual should depict exactly where the expansion bottle can be found.

2. When located, check the amount of coolant that is contained in the expansion bottle. As the coolant liquid is coloured it should easily indicate how much is left, and there are also minimum and maximum markers on the side of the bottle.

3. If after carrying out your coolant level check and it needs topping up then park your vehicle on a flat surface and allow the engine to cool down before opening the coolant bottle cap. Add enough coolant liquid so that it reaches the maximum marker. Do not overfill the container.

Please note that if you find yourself frequently needing to top up your car's coolant levels there may be a small leak in your system. In order to avoid any long term damage you should visit your local servicing centre for a professional check.

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