Most drivers will have witnessed road rage at some point in their motoring lifetime, whether it was first hand experience or a viral clip on the internet.

According to Government statistics 18 per cent of fatal accidents and 17 per cent of serious accidents in 2014 were caused by careless, reckless, or in a hurry drivers, despite the introduction of laws that allow police to issue on-the-spot £100 fines to inconsiderate motorists.

So the question is: how should you deal with a driver who has lost their temper?

Focus on what is ahead of you

Being tailgated can be be infuriating for even the calmest of drivers, however, it is important to not be sucked into seeking revenge as this will only increase the stress of the situation.

Instead, you should focus on the task at and which is safely reaching your destination, rather than sacrificing your own safety. Irresponsible drivers such as tailgaters are the police's responsibility.

Move away from the horn

You've just been cut off, you're pretty angry and you want them to know about it. But, just hang on a minute. The last thing you want to do is to inflame the situation even further.

Rather than diving onto the horn, stay calm and save the alerting for when you need to warn fellow drivers about their safety.

Remember to breathe 

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities you can do regardless of how good a driver you are.You may often find yourself in situations where stress sets in and even the most simplest task of breathing can get pushed aside.

Taking deep breaths can go a long way to distract and calm yourself from the situation you have found yourself in.

Fit your car with a camera

Angry drivers may be less inclined to let rip if they see that a car is clearly fitted with a recording device.

Although not everyone is put off by the fear of being caught in the act, being backed up by video evidence adds another layer of protection to your vehicle.


Never "discuss" things

You should never give in to a driver that demands you get out of your vehicle for a quick chat about why you have annoyed them.

In fact, don't even give them the opportunity to get past rolling down their window. Continue to drive safely and eventually manoeuvre away from them.

Don't take it personally

Coming to blows with someone suffering from road rage is usually a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For that reason try not to take the aggression thrown your way personally, instead shrug it off and continue to be polite and courteous.

Report the driver

As already mentioned, road rage is one of the key factors of fatal car accidents in the UK.

If you believe that a motorist is driving inappropriately to a point that they are likely to cause some damage do not hesitate to report them.

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