With the cold weather coming in, the frosty conditions are likely to make your work commute, holiday road-trip, or weekly outing for the big shop a traffic-jam filled nightmare.

Although it may not be quite as severe as 'carpocalypse' - the 50-lane roadblock that caused chaos in China during the 'Golden Week' bank holiday celebrations - which was endured by thousands of fed-up drivers and passengers.

The UK may not experience traffic jams that are quite as serious as China's carmageddon, but the much-feared rush hour is dreaded by many.

According to research by satnav maker Tom Tom in 2014, the typical UK city commuter wasted 129 hours stuck in traffic. To help prevent boredom and frustration when it comes to traffic jams we have compiled a list of activities below to keep you entertained during gridlock.


'Carpocalypse' in China, 2015                                                                                                            'Carpocalypse' in China, 2015 Credit: Newsflare

Listen to music

Most car users will listen to some form of music, whether it be the radio or an old CD that you have been meaning to take out for months. Make the most of your time and discover some new artists and albums with music streaming apps, or prepare for the jam by putting together a lengthy playlist.

Play games

This is one for those who aren't in the driving seat. If the traffic is really bad, take some time out and try to beat the Candy Crush level you have been stuck on for the past month. Just don't further annoy your driver by complaining about running out of lives.

Drive with friends

If your commute to work is constantly delayed by bad traffic, why not see if a co-worker who lives nearby would want to join you on your journey. Not only does this give you someone to chat to while waiting, it could also lessen the number of cars on the road.

Connect to the internet

If you are connected to WiFi you can check and respond to your ever-growing email inbox, check the weather, find information on why exactly you're stuck in traffic, and find out if there are any alternative routes that can get you to your destination quicker.

Keep the kids occupied

For those who are travelling with children the consequences of a traffic jam becomes much more complicated. To prevent tears and screams from frustrated little ones make sure to always have tools that will keep them settled in the car. Tablets, DVD players or toys usually do the trick, just make sure they have enough battery to last the distance.

Catch up with friends

Haven't spoke to your best friend in a while because of work or family commitments? If you find yourself at a complete standstill you could use your hands-free phone to enjoy a relaxed conversation that will take your mind off the problems ahead.

Learn something new

Have you always wanted to learn a new language, but put it off because there aren't enough hours in the day? Well, now it's time to make use of your time stuck on the road by listening to an audio course CD. If speaking fluent Spanish isn't your thing, you can also polish your skills on specialist subjects including history, economics, finance and science.


It can be easy to lose your temper in these situations, but you must remember to stay calm and focus on safely getting to your destination, regardless of how long it may take. Remember to breath properly, and it may also be a good time to try out meditation to help you relax and pass time more quickly.


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