Britain is suffering its worst traffic since records began and motorists are being urged to stay vigilant as the roads head into gridlock.

Latest figures, released by the Department for Transport, show that 316.1 billion miles of vehicle traffic were recorded in the 12 months to September. This is an increase of 2.2% on the previous year, and 0.6% higher than the previous peak that troubled UK roads in 2007.

The DfT release also shows that motorway traffic set a record high of 65.4 billion miles thanks to a 2% increase during the same period.

How to stay stress-free in a traffic jam

The increase in number of cars on the roads meant that the average speeds have duly fell, most significantly during the morning rush hour. The DoT data shows that the average speed on A roads in England between 7am and 10am was 23.6mph.

With the winter weather conditions likely to add to the congestion on UK roads, motorists should endear to stay focused on safely arriving at their destination.

Drivers are recommended to make the most of their time stuck in traffic with in-car activities including listening to music, driving with friends and learning something new such as a language some of the more popular methods of avoiding being stressed during these times.

How to deal with other drivers' road rage

When in frustrating driving surroundings it is easy for those in the front seat to lose their head in the heat of the moment, which is why it is important to keep your temper and beware of those who have lost it.


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