Getting stuck on the roads due to accident or bad weather in winter can be an unpleasant experience.

A winter car emergency kit can help to keep you safe and warm. There are four categories that should be covered when it comes to packing your emergency kit: Getting help, staying safe, keeping warm, and staying active.

Below we have listed several important items to store in your winter car emergency kit.

Mobile phone

Always make sure you charge your phone before a long journey and keep a list of emergency contact numbers including contact details for any breakdown cover you have.

Car charger

Keep a phone car charger in your car just in case your battery runs low.




A torch is an incredibly handy tool to have in case your lights fail. Even if your lights are working, it may be wise to not use them and conserve the car's battery for as long as possible.


Breakdown Kit

Should be included in most cars - a high-vis jacket and reflective warning triangle, in the event of breakdown or accident.

Spare Wheel

Always ensure you have a functioning spare wheel or tyre repair kit along with a pump.

Spare Fuel

Ensure you have plenty of spare fuel, in case you are diverted or there is a traffic jam.

Emergency blanket

Always pack an emergency blanket for each person travelling to ensure you can stay warm even in cold conditions. Without the engine running, a car can quickly cool down and if you need to leave the vehicle in the event of accident it can help keep you warm.

First aid kit

A first aid kit should always be on hand for minor injuries.

Extra clothing

For the same reason as an emergency blanket, keeping a few extra layers such as jackets, hats, gloves etc. can keep you warm and dry if you need to leave the car or stay in an unheated car.

Snacks and drinks

For those who aren't lucky enough to break down outside a motorway diner or service station, packing a couple of light snacks and bottled drinks can help rebuild your energy after suffering the shock of breaking down or being involved in an accident. Biscuits, chocolate bars and bottled water are a good start.


If you travel with children, make sure to keep a few activities on board for them to play with if the unfortunate happens. Car breakdowns or accidents are awful situations to find yourself, so keep the children entertained while you organise and wait for help.

Baby supplies

Parents should keep spare supplies - for example, nappies, baby wipes, bibs etc. in the winter car emergency kit in case a short journey turns out to be a long wait for emergency workers who are on their way to help you with your breakdown or accident.


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