Fuel prices fell 2p in August for both petrol and diesel. The drop occurred after RAC Fuel Watch issued a plea to the major supermarkets who sell approximately 40% of UK fuel. The drop is a welcome bit of news for motorists who have seen a constant increase in fuel prices since March.

The cost of fuel at the pump is heavily dictated by the value of the Pound against the Dollar. This is because oil is sold in Dollars. With the uncertainty around the Brexit vote, fuel prices were going to be affected. However, with the stabilisation of the economy prices are beginning to drop. The decrease in the cost of each barrel of oil by approximately 11% has also helped.

The change has also seen diesel regain its premium over petrol. The price of diesel has not dropped in Scotland or Northern Ireland. It is worth noting however though that diesel is still the cheapest in Northern Ireland. 1.6p cheaper across the Irish Sea.

Saving money in the long run is appealing. And this is where purchasing a new car can provide people with the savings they desire. Read on to find out the best cars in each class.

Latest Fuel Prices Latest Fuel Prices

What Fuel?


The hybrid is no longer an uncool option. All the big hitters in the car world are investing time and money in hybrid vehicles. With the Honda Insight providing the best combined Miles Per Gallon of any of the cars available in the UK today. The historically green Toyota Prius is another of the best MPG providers.

The wide range of hybrids means that you will find a car that can fulfil all of your needs combined with great fuel efficiency and the great feeling of being more environmentally friendly.


The cost of diesel is slightly higher than that of petrol. However, it is balanced out by the increased fuel economy that is provided by the fuel. French diesel super minis dominate the top ten most fuel efficient cars in the UK with Citroen and Renault taking spots 2-9 on survey completed by fuel-economy.co.uk.

These small cars allow for easy city driving married with being able to hit the open road without burning a hole in your pocket. Which is great news for everyone from families with multiple expenses to young people looking for the freedom of a car on a budget.


Diesel cars have made great advancements over the past decade. However, some people still believe that they aren’t cool or sexy. So for those who wish to stick with petrol the fuel economy might not be as high but there are still some cars available that have strong ratings.

Top spot goes to the Smart Roadster allowing for nippy fun driving with a return of almost 56MPG. But for those in need of multiple seats, Citroen come to the top again with the C1 offering around 51MPG.


The auto industry is acutely aware that customers are now just as interested in the running costs of a vehicle when buying. The next big question is why has there not been a diesel hybrid yet?

We here at AutoeBid want to help you make the best saving as possible. We have reviews of many of the cars we have available. It is always best to do your research before looking for your next car.

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