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BMW are celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2016 and today the manufacturer that has brought the world a number of fantastic vehicles looks back on several highlights.

Over the years, BMW has constantly evolved, rising to its position today as a premium provider of mobility services.

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This has been evidenced at many points throughout its history and by numerous decisions and products. Here are just a few pioneering moments in the history of the company.

"Born Electric" Launch of BMW i

Coupled with the power to rethink and redesign mobility from its very foundations, this courage remained clearly in evidence 90 years later, as in 2013, the Born Electric motto marked the market launch of the all-electric BMW i3 - and with it the start of a new era. The BMW i3 was a complete departure from all that had gone before as it set out to meet the requirements of electro-mobility.

Unveiling of the first SAV: the BMW x5

The innovative concept to combine on and off-road capabilities turned out to be highly promising. Back in 1999, the automotive world still distinguised between passenger vehicles for the road and off-roaders for rough terrain. BMW, however, came up with a surprising new solution that combined both. It was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January 1999, and long before the SUV boom began, the BMW Group had developed its own interpretation of a vehicle that offered dynamic handling and all-wheel drive as well as elevated seating positions for occupants. The name SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) expressed its sport focus: it was the BMW X5, manufactured at the US plant in Spartanburg.

BMW 1500 - the founding member of the "Neue Klasse"

Over the years, the BMW Group has proven time and again its instinct for creating the right cars and motorcycles at the right time. Many of its products have even established entirely new vehicle segments: in the early 60s, for example, the "Neue Klasse" ("Neue Klasse") BMW 1500 became the founding member of the family sport segment. Today, this segment is served by every premium manufacturer.


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