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The debuts this month of a number of eye-catching special editions will see Volkswagen enhance the appeal of more of its core models.Available to order now, the new cars share the attractive qualities of enhanced styling, a richer mix of equipment and keen value for money as the brand underlines the allure of some of its most charismatic creations.

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The latest range upgrades includes the new Look up! - based on the popular Move up!. The 1.0-litre 60 PS three-door Look up! is offered with sporty 15-inch Fortaleza alloy wheels, unique trim, black wing mirror casings and black foil decals - the Look up! is open for order now.

Three prominent colours - Saturn Yellow, Tornado Red or Pure White - will be available with the new model which adds almost £1,000-worth of extra equipment and styling features.

Also being introduced alongside the Look up! this month are two new Volkswagen CC Black Edition model trims, both with extra style and value.

The Volkswagen CC GT Black Edition and CC R-Line Black Edition both feature generous extra specification and styling enhancements to build on the already comfortable and stylish CC GT and CC R-Line.

The new Black Edition versions add a styling pack with black front grille, electric tilting sunroof, and 18-inch Lakeville alloy wheels on the GT Black Edition and 18-inch Talladega alloy wheels on the R-line Black Edition.

Volkswagen fans will be treated to a new Scirocco GTS that has a 220 PS as standard, and is available in both manual and DSG transmissions.

The GTS is powered by a unique petrol engine that can reach top speeds of 153 mph (manual) and 152 (DSG), and an acceleration time from 0 to 62mph of only 6.5 seconds for both variants.

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Commenting on the latest raft of special edition offerings across the range Volkswagen UK Head of Marketing, Rod McLeod said: "These attractive new special editions clearly enhance the already strong appeal of some of our most exciting and charismatic models, and I'm sure our customers will be as enthusiastic about their arrival as I am.

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