With manufacturers competing harder than ever for every car sale, there are currently unusually attractive finance new car deals on offer. The benefit for AutoeBid buyers is the that low interest rates and generous dealer deposit contributions that make up these finance deals are available in conjunction with AutoeBid's usual savings. Overall savings are considerable, totalling thousands of pounds.

In addition to our discounts you can request dealer deposit contributions of 50% of any Audi current offers in addition to our discounts:

Audi A4 is offering a deposit contribution of £4,300, you can request 50% of this £2,150 + our savings. Other Audi current offers are Audi A5 Coupe £4,000, Audi A5 Cabriolet £6,000, Audi A6 £4,500

Audi A8 £11,200, Audi Q7 £6,000 and for some manufacturers you such as Volkswagen you can obtain the full dealer deposit contribution in addition to our savings such as £4,000 on the Volkswagen CC.

Another example is AutoeBid is a generous £1,500 dealer deposit contribution in addition to our saving (average £2,000) on the LAND ROVER EVOQUE.

Many manufacturers are offering 0% car finance deals, too, such as BMW, which is willing to make a £13,000 deposit contribution on a 640d Coupé M-Sport. For cash buyers AutoeBid minimum saving of £6,429 provides a great starting point for discount.

If you don’t, depending on the manufacturer, simply type the words "manufacturer offers" into your search engine (e.g – "Audi offers") to view the latest most up-to date current offers for all manufacturers.

Clients must check with the manufacturer to confirm if any of these offers are accurate and available before placing an order.

0% Car Finance is currently available from Land Rover, Mazda, Toyota VW and Volvo on certain models. 0% Car Finance offers are subject to large deposits and uniquely through AutoeBid you can place an order for any manufacturers special finance offers in addition to the savings we show on any 1st registered deal. Dealer deposit contributions are subject to the client also placing a significant deposit and finance is always subject to status. We do not hold any responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

It is not possible to obtain special offers from certain manufacturers such as Skoda in conjunction with the level of the discount we are currently quoting on our website. For example, the discount is likely to be significantly lower if you request 0% with Skoda. We are confident of getting you the largest discount as a cash buyer therefore if you simply obtain a loan from someone like Tesco Bank at 4.9% APR you will find getting the full discount and paying the small interest amount a better total overall saving.

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Previous Top ten finance deals:

Audi A5 Cabriolet 2.0 TDI 177PS S Line Manual

Dealer deposit contribution    £6,300 (36 months @ 6.3% APR)     * Additional AutoeBid saving    £3,783

BMW 640d Coupe´with complimentary M Sport upgrade

Dealer deposit contribution    £13,000 (36 months @ 0% APR)    * Additional AutoeBid saving    £6,429

Ford Focus studio 1.6 petrol 85PS

Dealer deposit contribution    £1,500 (36 months @ 4.9% APR)    * Additional AutoeBid saving    £2,698

Range Rover Evoque 5-door 2.2d SD4 Prestige

Dealer deposit contribution    £2,000 (36 months @ 6.9% APR) * Additional AutoeBid saving    £2,336

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 180 Executive SE (inc. metallic paint)

Dealer deposit contribution    £3,700 (36 months @ 4.8% APR)    * Additional AutoeBid saving    £4,342

Toyota Prius 1.8 VVT-i T Spirit 5 door

Dealer deposit contribution    £1,000 (36 months @ 6.9% APR)    * Additional AutoeBid saving    £2,946

Volkswagen Tiguan S 1.4 TDI BlueMotion Technology 2WD    

Dealer deposit contribution    £2,750 (36 months @ 6.4%)    * Additional AutoeBid saving    £2,659

Volvo XC90 D5 R-Design

Dealer deposit contribution    £6,000 (36 months at 0% APR)    * Additional AutoeBid saving    £9,057

Kia Sportage 1 1.6 Gdi

(36 months @ 4.9% APR)    * Additional AutoeBid saving    £2,253

Skoda Octavia Estate 1.6 TDI CR SE 5d DSGrong>

(36 months @ 0% APR)    * Additional AutoeBid saving £3,180 if you obtain your own finance or around 50% of advertise saving in addition to manufacturers offers)

* Additional savings are not available on all models however, the service is a “No, Win, No Fee” service so if you don’t’ you do not pay any fees and can compare offers. * E&OE – Clients must check with the manufacturer to confirm if any of these offers are accurate and available before placing an order. We do not hold any responsibility for the accuracy of this information. Manufacturers offers may not be available in addition to our discounts from certain manufacturers.

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