Over 1.5 million motorists in the UK are unwittingly, driving illegally as their vehicles have not got a valid MOT.

According to Motoring.co.uk, who undertook a survey of 20,000 motorists, 1,663 motorists did not hold a valid MOT for their vehicle, meaning that on average 5.1 per cent of all motorists in the UK do not have a valid MOT.

With the average MOT costing around £54.85, this means the UK government has lost out on around £16.5 million that could be claimed from the VAT from the MOT inspection.

The reason why 1.5 million motorists are taking their vehicles to the roads without an MOT is unknown.

A lack of vehicles with valid MOTs also means that just as many insurance policies could be void.

Those with vehicles that are more than three years old must have it tested every year in order to show that it meets the minimum road safety and environmental standards. An MOT certificate confirms that at the time the test was taken the vehicle met these standards which are required by law.

Those driving without an MOT certificate can face a maximum penalty fine of £1,000.

Motorists who have an upcoming MOT booked can take all precautions ahead of the test by following the steps in our pre-MOT check list here.

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