How many drivers know that in England you are only allowed to pee at the side of a road if they are beside the car's rear tyre and have their right hand touching the car?

Probably only those who have been told so by the police after being caught without their hand touching the car. However, that bizarre driving law is nothing compared to other strange rulings around the world.

For those who like to travel abroad in their own cars, there are more rules to be aware of than just driving on the other side of the road. From puddle splashing pedestrians, to travelling topless, here's a run down of ten of the most bizarre driving laws around the world.

10. Russia - keep your car clean

In Moscow, drivers who fail to keep their vehicle's clean are at risk of being fined. There is no clear level of finable dirtiness though, leaving it up to the police to decide whether or not an unclean car is braking the law.

9. Italy - get a permit before seeing the sights

In certain Italian cities such as Florence and Milan, historic zones can not be drove through without holding a special permit called "Zono Traffic Limitato". Those who risk attempting to get around these zones without a permit can receive hefty fines, and the chances of getting through are slim. In 2008, almost 900,000 fines were issued in Florence, a city of 365,000 residents, with more than half of those given for driving unauthorised in a restricted area.

Italy Colosseum

8. Japan - no splashing pedestrians

Have you ever been splashed by a puddle from a passing car? Well in Japan, driving through a huge puddle and splashing a pedestrian with muddy water is punishable by law.

7. China - no waiting for pedestrians

There isn't as much protection for pedestrians in Beijing as there is in Japan. In fact, it is illegal for drivers to stop for them, and if found doing so a fine or warning will be issued.

6. Germany - speed limitless motorways

In certain areas of Germany's autobahn network, their equivalent of the UK's motorway, there is no speed limit. In fact, stopping or breaking down for any reasons is illegal - even running out of fuel. So always have a full tank before setting off on your journey in Deutschland.

Autobahn Germany

5. Denmark - don't forget the kids

In Denmark, the law states that drivers must check underneath the car for any children hiding below before driving off. You know, just in case.

4. France - not carrying a breathalyser

We all know that France is a country known for its fondness towards the greater wines, but not many will know that it is a legal requirement for drivers to carry an alcohol breathalyser test kit in the vehicle at all times. The breathalyser must be in date, as single-use breathalysers normally only have a validity of twelve months.

3. Cyprus - drink driving

You can probably count the number of countries that actually allow (alcoholic) drink driving on one hand. However, not many follow the same ruling as tourist hotspot Cyprus, who have made it unlawful to drink water behind the wheel - so make sure you're properly hydrated before driving off.

2. Thailand - travelling topless

It is illegal for both men and women to travel in either a car, bike or tuk-tuk topless. Regardless of the heat, travellers must be fully clothed, otherwise they will risk being fined.

1. Alabama, USA - blindfolded driving is banned

Not only is blindfolded driving banned (dur?) in the USA state of Alabama, but those caught behind the wheel with their vision impaired will also face a fine. Arguably one of the most obvious, yet pointless driving laws.



Other travelling offences around the world to watch out for include:


Leaving the keys in the ignition of an unattended vehicle.

Croatia and the Czech Republic

Travelling without a spare set of headlight bulbs.


Playing music in a taxi without an appropriate licence.


Playing loud music, having 'shabbily dressed female drivers, and carry pets.


Dogs travelling in a car in Italy not wearing a seatbelt.


Cars travelling with not properly equipped with working windshield wipers. Having a windshield is optional.

North Korea

Women riding bicycles.

Saudi Arabia

Women driving.


Driving without a spare pair of spectacles in the car.


Washing a car on a Sunday


Not having a reflective early warning device, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit in the vehicle.

USA (states)

Alaska - Tethering a dog to the roof of a car

Arkansas - Sounding a car horn in a place where ice cold drinks or sandwiches are served after 9pm.

California - Using a road as a bed.

Connecticut - Hunting from cars.

Florida - Leaving an elephant, goat or alligator tied up to a parking metre without paying.

Georgia - Driving through playgrounds.

Maryland - Swearing from a vehicle.

New Jersey - Passing another car WITHOUT sounding your horn.

New York - Undressing while in your car.

Oklahoma - Reading a book while driving.

South Carolina - Storing rubbish in your vehicle.

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