The cost of car insurance has froze for the first time in a year, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look for ways to save on your premiums.

A 10% increase in insurance premium tax will be introduced by the government in October 2016 in a bid to raise £700m to boost flood defences.

Ahead of the impending rise, car owners can take the following five steps to reduce the cost of car insurance premiums.

1. Consider your occupation title

When applying for car insurance the exact job title you enter could go a long way to decide how much you will be spending on insuring your vehicle. Different titles could mean you might end up paying more or less than someone with the same job. Always try several variations of your job title, but never lie about what you do for a living.

2. Avoid modifying your car

Modifying your car with a load of fancy extras after you've bought it, for example, with tinted windows, could increase car insurance premiums. Modifications can vary in how severe they could increase costs, so be wary about going ahead with them if you want to save on car insurance.

3. Watch our for mileage

You will be asked to enter how much mileage you cover when applying for car insurance, and overestimating the figure could lead to paying more than you should be. According to Which? motorists driving 10,000 miles a year pay £31 more on average than those driving 5,000.

4. Think twice about excess

Setting a high voluntary excess on your car insurance policy can lower premiums. As long as you can afford it, this is a good way of lowering the cost of your car insurance.

5. More than one driver

If your car is being used by other drivers then you should add these to your insurance application. Having an experienced driver with a clean record could save you money. The more the merrier.

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