BMW has revealed the rakish new 4 Series Gran Coupé before it goes on sale in the UK this June.

The new model stays on track with the company’s niche-filling agenda, adding rear doors and a large ‘lift-back’ boot to the 4 Series Coupé. The aim is to provide additional practicality while keeping the car’s sporting appeal, much like the larger 6 Series Gran Coupé AutoeBid tested last year. BMW says it is the “first four-door coupé in the premium midsize class.”

At launch three petrol engines (420i, 428i, and 435i) will be offered, alongside two super-frugal diesels (418d and 420d).  A 430d and 435d are expected to join the lineup later this year.

While a six-speed manual will be available, BMW expects the vast majority of buyers to opt for its proven eight-speed automatic unit. BMW’s four-wheel drive system – dubbed ‘xDrive’ and so often reserved only for Europe-spec cars – is also coming to the UK, but will only be available on the 420d model. Buyers will pay £33,185 for the privilege, but, despite BMW’s sporting pedigree, sales of xDrive-equipped cars are likely to be healthy, too.

While hyper-milers will enjoy the 62.9mpg 420d (with 199g/km carbon dioxide), those more concerned with speed will gravitate towards the 302hp 435i, which will share a similar 0-60mph time to the standard car’s five seconds. Top speed will be limited to 155mph.

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé’s chief rival will be the Audi A5 Sportback, which starts at £26,425 – some £3,000 less than the £29,420 you’ll pay to get into the BMW. If the new car’s chassis dynamics follow after the 4 Series Coupé, which they surely will, the premium will be money well spent. The fresher BMW also has the benefit of a more cutting edge design both inside and out.

Perhaps the most obvious rival for the 4 Series Gran Coupé comes from BMW’s own stable. The 3 Series GT may not have the same striking lines as the new car, but it is considerably more spacious inside with plenty of luggage space – 520 litres in the 3 Series plays 480 litres in the 4 Series.

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