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myenergi's flagship product, the Zappi EV charger, allows you to charge your vehicles with surplus energy that is generated from your own solar panels and wind turbine. This is made possible thanks to a charging method called self-consumption, which is dubbed the most efficient way to store power into your EVs.

Even if you don't have your own sources for renewable energy, the myEnergi product remains efficient as it possesses a unique feature that can automatically charge once economy tariffs are at its lowest. You can also pre-set Zappi to programmable timers. This way, you can save more as the cost of charging your electric vehicle is substantially slashed.

Further, Zappi can alter its charge rate when appliances in the home are switched on and off. This will improve home safety and bring balance to your property's energy usage, preventing fuse damage caused by power surges and any shocking rise in energy bills.

Electrical Specifications

Rated Power: 7kW (1-ph) or 22kW (3-ph)

Rated Supply Voltage: 230V AC Single Phase or 400V AC 3-Phase (+/- 10%)

Supply Frequency: 50Hz Rated Current 32A max

Standby Power Consumption: 3W

Earth Leakage Protection Integral: 30mA Type A RCD (EN 61008) + 6mA DC protection (EN 62955)

Economy Tariff Sense: Input 230V AC sensing (4.0kV isolated) Wireless Interface: 868 MHz (proprietary protocol) for wireless sensor and remote monitoring options

Grid Current Sensor: 65A maximum primary current, 16mm maximum cable diameter

Supply Cable Entry: Rear / Bottom / left side / Right side


The Zappi has a smart look that is installed with LCD display for more comfortable use, and a few buttons to control power usage and charging time, among other functionalities.

Zappi's connector is a Type 2 tethered cable that stretches to 6.5 meters long or Type 2 socket with locking system. For tethered models, a Zappi has an integrated cable holster around which a charging cable can be wrapped when not in use.

The device also has an RGB Indicator Visual that changes colour according to zappi's charging state.

Charging modes

Zappi has three types of charging mode: Fast, ECO and ECO+.

Although at fast charging, Zappi still depends on the EV's onboard charger and the grid supply voltage. Some vehicles can charge at 11kW or 22kW on a 3-Phase Zappi, while the maximum charge rate for the single-phase zappi is 7kW.

The ECO modes, meanwhile, make Zappi an intelligent device that adjusts charge rate to minimize usage of grid electricity supply. This means charging rolls on until charging is complete, using available surplus power.

However, if at any time, the available surplus power falls below 1.4kW, the shortfall will be drawn from the grid.

On ECO+, charging pulls to a full stop until it detects surplus electricity being imported from the grid

The Zappi also has an eSense input can be configured to automatically activate a Boost during ECO or ECO+ charging, whenever economy tariff electricity is available. The eSense must be wired to a circuit, which is live during the economy tariff times, for this to function.


ECO Modes require the installation of the existing current transformers (CTs). These are used to measure current at various places of the installation---for example, the grid

connection point, the solar/wind inverter or a static battery system.

CTs also have a load balancing functionality as it can also be used to limit the current drawn by myenergi devices to avoid overloading circuits.

Other myenergi products

myenergi has three other device or solution products that enhance the performance of its EV charger. These are the:


Image Source: https://myenergi.com/product/eddi/

The eddi is an energy management system for use with grid-tied PV or wind turbine systems. Excess energy from the micro-generation system is used to heat water or rooms rather than exporting it to the grid.


3.68KW / 16A max. heater load

Supports two heaters (sequentially)

Integral bypass switch

Fan-less cooling

Built-in programmable boost timers

Energy savings data logging

Graphical back-lit LCD screen for ease of use

Overload and short-circuit protection

Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment

Expansion module option

Wall mounting bracket for ease of installation

Fully EMC and safety compliant (CE)

Works alongside battery storage systems

Optional remote control access via our hub device and app (optional extra)

3-year warranty


Image Source: https://myenergi.com/product/harvi/

Harvi is a self-powered device that enables zappi and eddi to be installed sans a wired current transformer (CT) for measuring the grid and or generation power. Instead, the CT is connected to harvi.

No power source is needed for harvi as the energy from the CT is harvested and used to transmit the measurement signal to the zappi or eddi. This means batteries or electrical wiring are eliminated.

It is also able to detect grid import or export conditions as well as generate power. This information is then sent wirelessly to the eddi or zappi, simplifying the installation process.


CT Inputs: 3 inputs enable 3-phase or multi-point power measurement

Measurement Range: 25W to 15kW (50Hz AC, import and export) Energy Harvesting Range: 0.2A to 65A (including reactive current) Accuracy: 2.0% typical

Transmission Rate: 1s @ 1A+, <10s @ 0.5-1A, <30s @ <0.5A Wireless Interface: 868 MHz (proprietary protocol)

Mounting Location: Indoor only (can be housed in an IP rated plastic box if required)

Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 25.5mm


Image Source: https://myenergi.com/product/hub/

The hub allows linking between your myenergi devices and the internet. This enables remote monitoring and control via a mobile App, a mechanism required of EV chargers to be approved by the UK's Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

Up to six myenergi devices can be wirelessly connected together. By linking devices, you can use more of your own energy or have more control and visibility.

Myenergi is further developing the hub to support time of use tariffs in the near future.

An overview of Zappi Manufacturer

Myenergi is an award-winning British producer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. A primary feature they capitalise on is their having a mechanism which allows you to maximize consumption of energy from renewables.

In July 2018, Lincolnshire-based Myenergi celebrated its second year in the industry and managed to sell over 4,000 units of its products across the UK, Europe, and Australia. Recently, it gained market-leader status in Ireland. The company expects to expand further as it amassed a significant investment of £1.2 million from high-profile businessmen such as Sir Terry Leahy (former CEO of Tesco) and Bill Currie (founder of the William Currie Group).

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