With UK new car sales achieving 18 months of consecutive growth in August according to the SMMT- Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Audi have surprised most of the market by taking the second position as the best selling manufacturer in Europe Eastern Europe and Russia.

Audi have now in effect become a mass market new car manufacturer by the sheer number of vehicles it is now selling in these 40 countries.

The affects on UK buyers however has been negative in regards to extremely long lead times as the factory struggles to keep up in demand.

An example is the Audi Q5 was the best selling new car for AutoeBid.com earlier this year however sue to outstanding new car deals available through the site and over demand delivery times are not pushing 6 months plus. This in turn is pushing up demand for used Q5’s however the stock for these is also somewhat limited.

While Audi have gained significant ground in the rest of Europe, in the UK according to the SMMT none of Audi’s models made it into the top 10 most registered cars for August 2013.

UK best sellers in August 2013 Volume 

1    Ford Fiesta      3289

2    Vauxhall Astra       2428 

3    VW Golf         2233 

4    Ford Focus      2225 

5    Vauxhall Corsa      2151

6    BMW 1 Series   1927 

7    Nissan Qashqai   1875 

8    BMW 3 Series   1517 

9    VW Polo        1442 

10  Vauxhall Insignia    1147

It must be said the top 10 registered cars in the UK are distorted by fleet vehicle with many going to rental companies and large fleets and do not reflect the buying habits of the general public or AutoeBid’s clients as reflected in the table below.

AutoeBid best sellers for 2013 

1    Ford Fiesta 

2    Kia Sportage 

3    Land Rover Discovery 

4    Skoda Yeti 

5    Audi Q5 

6    Land Rover Evoque

7    Volvo XC60 

8    Audi Q3 

9    Skoda Octavia 

10  Nissan Qashqai

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