Off-roaders, four-by-fours, SUVs. Call them what you will, but if one thing's for sure it's that there are more 'sports utility vehicles' on the market now than ever before.

Their popularity is unsurprisingly, with the combination of a high driving position, better than average safety credentials and the versatility to go off-road (not to mention the ability to seat up to seven), SUVs are stealing buyers away from the estate and MPV market.

SUVs come in three subtly different varieties – compact, sports and large – but they all offer the same fundamental appeal. AutoeBid buyers have a huge range of cars to choose from and are guaranteed to save thousands of pounds thanks to a unique reverse auction process that pits franchised dealers against each other to offer you the lowest price. All you need do is make a deposit and give AutoeBid your precise specification of vehicle.

To help make your choice, here are AutoeBid's top 10 SUVs for this winter.

Range Rover Evoque

The baby of the Range Rover lineup has just been given a host of updates. It now gets the world's first 9-speed gearbox and options such as Traffic Sign Recognition, Reverse Traffic Detection and even Wade Sensing, until now reserved for bigger Range Rovers. Efficiency is also improved, with the 2.2-litre diesel model returning a combined 57.6mpg.

Volvo XC60

Volvo's attractive XC60 is a popular family car and for good reason. For the money, the Volvo offers excellent interior space, a refined ride and class-topping safety features, something that Volvo has built its reputation on. The diesel engines in the range aren't necessarily as refined as those you'd find in, say, a BMW X5, but that's a small criticism in the face of huge overall capability.

Mazda CX-5

For the price, there isn't much to touch the Mazda CX-5. A mature design, bullet-proof durability and frugal yet enthusiastic engines make for a excellent package. It isn't as refined as a Range Rover Evoque, but strong ergonomics and high levels of equipment more than make up for that. Badge-snobs will overlook this car at their peril. The 2.2D 150PS gets our nod.

Hyundai ix35

Like the Mazda CX-5, genuine value for money and a sharp design have driven sales of Hyundai's ix35. The efficient 2.0 CRDi model is the one to go for, although four-wheel drive versions aren't quite as efficient as front-driven variants.  Again like the CX-5, however, it loses out on overall refinement and isn't as comfortable as rivals, but if it wasn't there wouldn't be a reason to buy more expensive German offerings.

Ford Kuga

Another attractive SUV, this time from the most well-known name in the business. The strong and well-mannered diesels in the range are unsurprisingly most popular and the Kuga handles well, too, with nicely weighted steering and little in the way of bodyroll. Bear in mind that trim levels are heavily spec-sensitive, but overall the Kuga is well-appointed. The only problem it faces is the cheaper Mazda CX-5.

Range Rover Sport

If you're budget isn't tight, the new Range Rover Sport is the SUV to have – more so than its older brother, the full-fat Range Rover. Performance across the range is strong, whether you opt for the frugal TDV6 or the ferocious supercharged V8 model. Where the new Range Rover really puts itself ahead of the opposite, however, is in the quality and refinement of its interior. Uncluttered and beautifully appointed, the Range Rover Sport is a fantastic place to sit.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class

A tempting proposition, the M-Class champions refinement and effortlessness as only a Mercedes can. While optional extras are expensive, standard kit is fairly generous, including sat nav, climate control and electric front seats. Another boon M-Class buyers can look forward to is colossal interior space. The current M-Class has, however, come in for some criticism concerning the quality of it interior materials.


More sporty than most, the car that started the SUV segment is still a strong contender. The BMW X5 is big, refined and offers an excellent combination of fuel economy and performance from the diesel engines in the lineup. While everyone knows what an impressive car the X5 is on the road, not many know just how accomplished it is off it, so the high ground-clearance and four-wheel drive drivetrain isn't just for show.

Range Rover

The new Range Rover Sport will undoubtedly cannibalise sales of the biggest Range Rover of all, but that's a compliment to the Sport and not to the detriment of the Range Rover. The closest thing to a Rolls-Royce is also class-leading off-road and, baring it's enormous dimensions, the Range Rover is all the car you could ever want. In any situation. Yes, it's very, very expensive compared to rivals, but, then again, does it really have any?

Toyota Land Cruiser

Next to the Range Rover, the Toyota Land Cruiser falls down on design, refinement and quality of materials. It is, however, unrivalled in its toughness – they use Toyotas in the Australian Outback for a reason. While the base model comes with climate control and alloy wheels, to get leather trim, electric seats, sat nav and even automatic headlights and wipers you'll need to upgrade to the LC4 version, which comes at a considerable premium. A no-nonsense SUV.


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