Most of us prefer to avoid confrontation. We’re not all natural at haggling, either, so having to deal with both whilst making the biggest consumer product investment of our lives is hardly ideal. Getting the best new car deals needn’t be stressful, however.

Buying a new car through AutoeBid takes all contact with often-unscrupulous car dealers out of the process, as from choosing the exact specification of your car to the day it arrives on your drive we deal with the car dealers on your behalf. Once you have selected the right make, model and precise options you would like, AutoeBid sends that vehicle specification to our network of over 1,600 UK dealerships that then compete against one another to provide that exact car at the lowest price.

Recent figures from Citizens Advice show there were over 45,000 complaints from car buyers in the year to February 2013, highlighting the fact that buying a new car can easily become problematic. The feeling of being the only person in a showroom yet being harassed before you’ve even found your feet is neatly avoided with AutoeBid, as is the pressure to buy options you don’t want or need such as tyre and dent insurance or wax treatments – the list is literally endless, and sales personnel are driven by strict targets. Car manufactures are struggling to hit sales targets and as a result pressure is being put on buyers to commit. With AutoeBid the buyer selects the options they want in the peace of their own home without ever having to set foot in a showroom.

When you buy a new car with AutoeBid the deal is effectively anonymous, so awkward and annoying phone calls from dealers desperate to clinch a deal are also avoided. From start to finish, getting a new car deal through AutoeBid not only saves buyers the most money – usually thousands of pounds - off the price of a new car but also makes the entire process streamlined and stress-free.

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