Selling my car without part exchange

Selling your car can be a minefield. You want to get the most for it, but also for it to be hassle-free and fail-safe. We are often asked for tips on the best way to sell used cars.

Private buying and selling isn't what it used to be, and more and more people are using car buying groups. They're ideal if you don't want to part exchange, are flexible around your needs, and offer a hassle-free way to get a guaranteed sale.


With an increasing number of companies offering to buy your car these days, how do you know where to sell?

We’ve taken three common cars (between three and four years old), and done the work for you. We put in 10,000 miles per year, full service history and one previous owner. The information entered was the same in each price generator.

Price Quotes by Website

Price Quoted by each Buyer Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Powershift 5dr (2013/14) Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI CT DFP Se 5dr (2013) Land Rover Disco HSE (2012)
We Buy Any Car £6,200 £9,215 £27,245
We Want Any Car £6,115 £8,648 £26,907
The Car Buying Group £6,084 £8,437 £25,530
Money4YourMotors £6,015 £8,480 £26,375
Evans Halshaw £6,450 £8,645 £26,901

So, We Buy Any Car is best over all, right?

Not quite. Online valuations from any company are not an offer to purchase the car. They enable you to estimate the value of your car and a likely price based on the information you've given. All vehicles will be assessed carefully at a dealership. Service history, damage and other problems be taken into consideration, so, all the prices above are guide prices only.

Evans Halshaw also say they will beat prices from We Buy Any Car, because you're selling direct to a dealer, rather than going through an auction house. This cuts out a middle man and allows them to offer a better price.

All in all . . .

Used car buying sites are a great tool for selling a used car, whatever the condition. You can easily get estimates that give you a good guide price to go on, and have plenty of options when it comes to finding a dealer near you to proceed with the sale. Just be careful to factor in the condition of your car and (depending on the company) any fees.


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