BMW Turns 100

2016 marks BMW’s centenary. They have seen the rise and fall of several car manufacturers. They have even owned a few of them too. From a humble beginning producing aeroplane engines to being one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, BMW has done it all.

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The Vision Next 100

To celebrate the momentous occasion BMW have unveiled a concept car to show off what they believe will be the future of the motor industry. The ‘Vision Next 100' was unveiled at the BMW Classic Group Building. The museum is built on the location of the first BMW factory, Moosacher Straße 80 in Munich.

The car’s launch amongst the historic cars of the their past shows where the company believes the future of motoring will head. The car builds on the premise of an autonomous vehicle that still enables the driver to feel connected to the feeling of driving, the signature of owning a BMW.

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The History

BMW have never been bought, and won't be bought anytime soon. This is down to their great innovation throughout their 100 years’ existence. The highlights in their history include the release of the 1500, the car that was the first BMW to have the Hofmeister Kink.  While not new, it became so synonymous with the company it was named after their lead designer at the time, Wilhelm Hofmeister. The car also was the genesis of the compact saloon cars that BMW are famed for. A heritage which still exists today with the powerful M3.

Another leading moment was the release of  2002 in 1974. The first turbocharged production car in Europe. And the first anywhere since the attempts of Chevrolet in the early 60s. A feature that will become standard on all cars as time goes by.

Moving into more recent history. The start of the 1990s saw the birth of the BMW car recycling initiative. It still runs to this day and has earned them a place on the Dow Jones sustainability list. By the time the millennium came around, the Bavarians had taken the rights to some other iconic companies. As the 21st Century got underway so did BMW.  Releasing cars under these names, including MINI and Rolls Royce.

BMW Key Dates: 1916 BMW founded as Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke 1917 Adopt BMW name and the iconic blue and white propeller design. 1919 BMW IV engine achieves world record altitude of 9760m 1923 First BMW motorcycle launched, The R32 1928 BMW begin car manufacturing, building the Austin 7 under licence. 1939 BMW produce the first jet engines used in combat aircrafts 1948 BMW releases first post war car, the BMW 501 six cylinder 1959 BMW end up in financial crisis and are nearly taken over by Daimler-Benz 1962 reach the 1500 the first of the compact sport saloons they have become known for. 1972 Munich HQ four cylinder building opens 1973 launch the first European Production turbocharged car, the 2002 Turbo 1975 The first ‘Art Car’ is released by Alexander Calder 1980 BMW (GB) Ltd. Formed. 1983 win first F1 world championship 1985 BMW Technik GmbH formed to create ideas and concepts for the future. 1991 BMW car recycling initiative begins 1994 acquire Rover Group from BAE 1996 Enter venture with Chrysler to build engines in Brazil 1998 Acquire the rights to Rolls-Royce name 1999 win Le Mans 2000 sells off parts of the Rover Group, retaining MINI. 2001 relaunch the MINI 2003 launch the first Rolls Royce Vehicle since purchasing the company 5 years earlier. 2006 BMW Group Academy opens in UK, also produce 1 millionth vehicle. 2009 sell their F1 team back to Peter Sauber. 2012 named most reputable company by Forbes. 2016 celebrate centenary. BMW Key Dates Timeline

BMW's pedigree is a century in the making. It is not going away. And the ’Vision Next 100’ highlights that. In the meantime, why not have a look at some of the fantastic cars they have on the road today. AutoeBid is here to help you find your dream car.

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