BMW Unleashes M3 and M4 With Turbocharged Engines

BMW recently revealed the latest version of it most famous export: the M3. This time around, however, the M3 moniker only applies to the four-door saloon version of the car – the rakish coupé model will be dubbed M4, in line with the company’s decision to name the standard coupé the 4 Series.

The most noticeable change for the fifth generation cars is BMW’s decision to revert back to using a six-cylinder engine – the previous generation car used a V8 – although this time there’s the addition of a turbocharger. Total power is a heady 425bhp, which is enough to propel both the M3 and M4 to 60mph in 4.3 seconds. Top speed, as always, is electronically limited to 155mph.

Given the power on offer, fuel economy for both models will be admirable. With BMW’s dual-clutch ‘DCT’ transmission and a weight saving of 80kg, both cars are set to return a combined 34mpg and carbon dioxide emissions of just 194g/km. That compares rather well with the previous generation’s 25.2mpg and 263g/km respectively, although that car’s howling V8 will be sorely missed in some quarters.

Nevertheless, come the first drive reviews we expect both cars to get glowing reports – BMW isn’t in the habit of botching the handling, ride or power delivery of its iconic M cars and the stakes today are higher than ever before. Demand will be appropriately high, although considering the substantial production volumes involved, strong deals will likely be available from the start.

UK-spec cars will come with BMW’s Adaptive M suspension, 19-inch alloy wheels and a number of trim and technology packages. Special paint finishes and leather options will become available later on in 2014. There will also be the option of the M Head-up Display, which comes with a gear display, a rev counter and an Optimum Shift Indicator, just like a Ferrari 458.

Both cars are will be more expensive than their predecessors, with the M3 starting at £56,175 and the M4 starting at £56,635 when they go on sale in the UK in May, shortly after the new 2 Series arrives.

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