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Getting the lowest possible price on a new vehicle is naturally a priority for most of our savvy clients, especially in these difficult economic times however price alone should not be your only consideration when purchasing a new vehicles and here is why.

Even if you have a competitive offer from a main franchised ealer directly here are some considerations we would advise you to take into account with your new vehicle purchase in order to safeguard your interests. Don’t forget we’ve had experience in ordering thousands of new vehicles from hundreds of suppliers and have been protecting our client’s interests in full over 8 years.

Experience and inside trade knowledge is essential in order to avoid costly mistakes when purchasing a high value product such as a new vehicle. Every industry has its own particular pitfalls to watch out for and buying a new vehicle is not as simple as same as buying a CD, if you don’t purchase through award winning AutoeBid.com.

Things to watch out for:

Save £200 to lose £20K – Here today, gone tomorrow. There no legislation governing the sale of motor vehicles in the UK, therefore anyone including individuals with criminal records can set themselves up as a car dealer. Even dealers with good convictions can easily run into financial difficulties especially in the current market conditions therefore consumers need to be careful how they purchase a new vehicle. Inexperienced buyers could easily end up completely out of pocket for the whole vehicle cost and may find it difficult to get their money back.

> Our Solution… AutoeBid qualifies the suitability of its suppliers using years of experience and judgment to help reduce these risks significantly. We also impose conditions on our suppliers and provide clients with advice on how to make payments safe and secure once they have selected to go ahead with an offer. You can read about some of what we do here...

Hidden Considerations - The average new car buyer would simply ask if the car was "new" however a buyer would not find out if the car was actually new and 1st registered in their name until many months after they took delivery of the car. In order to know if an offer is genuinely a new 1st registered deal you will need to ask "Is there ANY V5 retention and will it be registered to your name AND address immediately on the vehicle being registered with the DVLA". The vehicle could be registered in your name where you could be the 1st registered keeper care of a company in this case you still have all the disadvantages of a Trade Reg deal therefore it's important to be an informed buyer.."

> Our Solution… We are the only UK company that makes suppliers clarify the registration type of every offer. We break these down into 1st Registered ( No V5 Retention), Trade Registered ( No V5 Retention) or Trade Registered 1st Registered C/O ( No V5 Retention). You can view our in depth guide on Pre Reg here, we also ask suppliers to confirm the offer is for a UK supplied non imported vehicle and if it's to the latest model according to the manufacturers latest specification among many other factors.

Unjust Price Increases – We have removed seemingly reputable established suppliers from our service in the past for agreeing to supply new vehicles to our clients on factory orders to then try to substantially increase the price to the client after our clients have waited for several months (just before the delivery date).

> Our Solution… As most manufacturers actually price protect orders, there should not be any reason why this could happen (excluding possibly Trade Registered factory orders). You can check with the manufacturer’s customer service to establish if they price protect prior to placing your order, if you wish. AutoeBid’s terms and conditions clearly state our suppliers are NOT able to impose a price increase unless they are imposed by the manufacturer. You can also contact us to request if we have removed a supplier from our system in the past that you might be considering purchasing from for failing to supply vehicles in the past.

Delivery Dates – An unscrupulous car dealer can specify any delivery date they feel would satisfy a time scale you want to hear in order to get your order. The supplier could at a later date simply inform you there is now a delay and you will have to wait x number of weeks and there is nothing to stop this happening.

> Our Solution… AutoeBid provides a post order quality control measurement service for all our clients’ where we initially set your expectations for your order process once you have selected to go ahead with an order. We then contact you at a date set half way between the date you placed your order and the anticipated delivery date, this sets out how we can assist you throughout your order process. Finally we will follow up approximately 2 weeks after the anticipated delivery date giving you the opportunity to provide feedback on the vehicle, our service and the supplier. If a delay has occurred we completely support you with chasing up the supplier, looking into the likely cause of the delay and assist you in any way.

If a delay has occurred and you are no longer able to wait for the vehicle we will also look to locate you an alternative vehicle from an alternative supplier including possibly a used vehicle. Best of all we would not charge you anything for all this additional support. If we feel a supplier has been offering unrealistic delivery dates in order to simply win orders we will remove them from our service therefore using our service reduces the chances of unrealistic delivery dates being offered.

When things go wrong – Unfortunately from time to time things can go wrong what is important is the level of service you receive from the supplier in these eventualities. AutoeBid prides it self in its level of customer service and is always prompt and we are always here to help apply pressure on the supplier in question to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

> Our Solution… Unfortunately as most new vehicle buyers only purchase a new vehicle once every 3 years the sales person is much less likely to feel any pressure to resolve the issue than if the order was placed through AutoeBid. This is simply because we take thousands of orders and suppliers who they could be removed as a supplier from our system if they are not a fair and professional organisation.

Read more about how we make buying a new vehicle safe and secure here...

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