We have previously highlighted certain car manufacturers have had a number of issues to do with cars not being produced in accordance with the estimated delivery dates they provide to their dealers at the time orders are placed.

Having just conducted some research we can now highlight that Skoda is now the worst manufacturer at honouring its estimated delivery dates mainly for the Skoda Yeti, followed by BMW and Volvo.

Ford and VW seem to have now resolved most of the delay issues surrounding the industry and most manufacturers expect to resume normal delay dates of an average of 12 week by the end of this year.

This has however left allot of car buyers waiting months longer than the anticipated delivery promised by their local dealer and in many cases dealers have not been able to even confirm when the cars would be delivered creating affectively a back order or cars on their systems.

Naturally this leaves dealers in a very difficult position as they are powerless to do anything about the situation and often do not have any updates to provide their customers.

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We do provide a guide on delivery times within our help section as below:

Please note some manufacturers are not able to provide a confirmed delivery date until the order is actually placed on the manufacturers ordering system, (after you have paid your deposit to the dealer). In addition, delivery times can vary and delays of a number of days or even a few weeks are not unusual. If there is a significant delay in delivery the supplier should offer you a refund of your deposit.

If suppliers can supply within this time and beat/match the Maximum Price, they will win your order. Delivery times offered by dealers are always estimated and can not be guaranteed unless they are physical cars in their own stock. Delivery of vehicles can therefore be delayed outside of the control of the dealer (view Conditions of Purchase). Where the manufacturer delays delivery beyond a reasonable period and you cancel the order with the supplier, we will seek to procure (without obligation) any alternative vehicle however our fee will not be refundable.

New vehicles in stock:

Generally speaking dealers will order these limited cars to the standard manufacturers specification without factory fitted options. Therefore if you are after a new vehicle with factory options (sunroof, leather seats, etc...) it is unlikely your local dealer or other dealers with have them in stock so they will have to factory order you the vehicle.

Dealers can also check availability with the Manufacturers central stock systems as well as access other dealers vehicles however many dealer will not show vehicles as being available on the manufacturers systems as they are sometimes reluctant to swap their vehicles with other competing dealers therefore dealers will always try to sell you what they have and not what you want.

If there are any cars in stock that you are aware of or you simply want to place an order for any stock vehicle you can simply place an order on our system for that exact vehicle on the basis of us obtaining an offer for an immediate delivery vehicles also matching Your Maximum Price in addition to any other conditions of purchase that you may specify.

Remember you are more likely to over achieve on Your Maximum Price using our service if there are several vehicles in stock, as dealers will then be competing with others and are always willing to offer better deals for cars they can delivery and register in current calendar month.

*Please be aware that when ordering a vehicle from stock we can only guarantee the vehicle is still available once the supplier has secured the vehicle on the manufacturers systems, even from the time the deposit is taken to the supplier logging onto the system the vehicle may have been sold by another dealer, this is because the majority of stock vehicles are readily available to the entire dealer network and can be sold at any time. This is standard procedure throughout the majority of dealer networks. If this is the case you will not be charged anything, your deposit and our fee if already charged will naturally be returned. If however we advise you of a bid that matches your requirements 100% on a stock vehicle and that we have been informed there is only one vehicle available and you decide to wait for another day or longer in case you do receive further offers against our advise and the vehicle is no longer available we would still deem that to be a successful auction and our fee would be charged. Therefore we would strongly encourage your to take our advise on face value as we are working for you not the supplier.

New vehicles about to come into stock -

When a dealer orders a vehicle, they are given a build allocation slot by the Manufacturer. Dealers can sometimes offer you their current or previously ordered allocation slots, allowing you to jump the queue and get a quicker delivery time matching your exact order. Your local dealer will only be able to offer you their own stock, and not be able to get another supplier's allocations, however we will market your order to virtually all UK dealers.

Factory Order vehicles -

Most vehicles take between six-to-ten weeks to factory order to match your exact requirement if not in stock. You can also place an order for any delivery time you require in order to get the vehicle delivered to you on an exact date for special occasions and or advanced orders for plate changes. Our dealers will be happy to help hold of the vehicles until you require them.

Flexible on Delivery Time?

If you're not sure of the precise date you require a vehicle, select 'You are flexible on delivery times'. Selecting this option may also provide a better price as the supplier can fit your order around their targets.

How does AutoeBid offer better availability/pricing than any other supplier?

As soon as your order is placed on our system we will market your order to over 1,500 registered suppliers nationally and an additional 6,000+ UK franchised dealers. These dealers will then compete with each other on price and availability until all your conditions or better are achieved. We only need 48 hours to run this service (although you can select any offers received immediately), if for any reason we are unable to locate your exact vehicle matching all your conditions of purchase it costs you nothing to try.

As you are our client, not the supplier we will endeavour to get as many competitive repeatable suppliers to compete for your business as possible.

In addition to UK main franchised dealers we also have car wholesalers, car supermarkets, leasing companies and specialist car suppliers who can provide you with additional stocks and more competitive deals then your local dealer. When you place an order with us you can specify any additional conditions of purchase in addition to the price you are willing to pay and your required delivery time.

You may only wish to purchase the vehicle from a franchised dealer or from a dealer within a certain mile radius of your home. Even though all vehicles are supplied with the full manufacturers warranty some of our clients prefer to only deal with a UK main franchised dealer directly. If this is the case you would only need to type this in the comments box of your order. For example you would type "offers from UK main dealers within 20 miles of my home".

Our service therefore gives you more flexibility and control than any other way to purchase a new vehicle and don't forget you only put a small deposit on your credit card and the balance on inspection.

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