The illegal act of clocking is making an unwanted comeback for the first time in decades, with motorists now allegedly the perpetrators who are illegally reducing mileage rather than dealers.

In a report, motoring guide Glass's claim they have come across several cases of this misconduct being reported by both dealers and motor auctions.

Reports of clocking by dealers have been very rare in modern times due to the strict penalties almost eradicating the form of fraud.

It seems though that drivers who may be facing a PCP returns charge are believed to be altering their mileage by turning to mileage adjustment companies who use specialist equipment to reduce the number of miles showing on the odometer, in order to avoid making the payment.

The paperwork of the cars show no sign of tampering with the mileage as most of the vehicles expected to be taking part in these illegal actions are thought to have been supplied new.

With the cars being new this means they are less than three years old and without an MOT certificate, often with only one service stamp.

Although the carrying out of mileage adjustment of electric odometers is a completely legal act and is often done if the odometer has failed, Glass's say there appears to be a few operators who will meet this request without suspicion.

Clocking can be spotted when a dealer plugs the vehicle into their diagnostic rig during a standard vehicle preparation procedure and an error code appears.

However, it is difficult for the dealer to prove when exactly the crime took place as it is usually too late to report with the PCP returns paperwork usually already processed. The driver can also deny that they themselves have clocked the car.

Preventing the problem is no easy task, although Glass's suggest closer regulation of mileage adjustment companies could help, whilst also asking for dealers to check vehicles for clocking as part of their standard PCP returns procedure.


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