New Car Registration Plate Changes

Are you confused by new car registration plate changes? With so many DVLA changes to the number plate system over recent years, it is no surprise that many people do not know how to tell what the year of a car on the road is by its number plate.

Guide to new car registration plate changes over the next three years:

17 from March 2017 - 67 from September 2017

18 from March 2018 - 68 from September 2018

19 from March 2019 - 69 from September 2019

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To make it clear the DVLA now have two plate changes a year and these take place:

March through to August - the number plate represents the year e.g. cars produced in 2017 with have a '17' plate.

September through to February - the number plate represents the year prefixed by a six for September e.g. cars produced from September 2017 until February 2018 will have a '67' plate.

In 2001 the DVLA updated the number plate system for the UK. Which means there are now 2 changes a year. And with September quickly approaching, a new round of cars are about to be available for you to buy. Before we look at few of the cars coming to the UK here’s a quick round up of how the UK registration system works.

All standard UK registration plates are made up of seven characters. Divided into a 4 and 3 set. The first 4 are made up of, an area code and an age identifier. As mentioned above the age identifier works in 2 rounds for each year. From March to September that is the year. From September to February it is the year with the five added to the first number. The second half of the registration is a unique set that distinguishes each car that might have a matching area code and age.

This method of identifying has multiple uses. Including being able to narrow down certain cars based on location. The age identifier system of the registration also has such awareness that many car dealers utilise it instead of the actual year to advertise the car.

Below is an example number plate showing the specific sections. Read on for a preview of the great cars you will be able to get on a ’66 plate from September.

New Car Registration Plate Description


New '67 Reg “ What's New “ Brand A-Z

Motoring Correspondent Jonathan Crouch gives you a brand-by-brand guide to what's new for the latest '67 plate



The Italian brand is about to launch another very important new car, it's Stelvio SUV, which looks a strong and elegant contender. It's based on the Giulia compact executive saloon that the marque introduced earlier this year.  If you can't quite stretch to either of those two products, then the company would also like you to consider a recently facelifted version of its BMW 1 Series-sized Giulietta model.

ONE TO WATCH: The Stelvio is an interesting alternative if you're bored with mid-sized SUVs from the premium German brands


Aston Martin has just introduced its new luxury sportscar, the DB11, which uses a new 5.2-litre V12 turbo engine. This is the first truly all-new Aston production car since the Vanquish in 2012. Aston Martin has also revived the Lagonda name for a new, limited numbers saloon. Improved versions of the Vanquish and Rapide S now use an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

ONE TO WATCH: The DB11 heralds a new model and new tech for Aston Martin.


Audi's range continues to expand. New in the showrooms is the company's sportiest Crossover model, the SQ5. If you want the ultimate hot hatch, then talk to your local Audi Centre about the new RS3, now available in saloon as well as hatch guise. You might also be tempted by the potent new RS5 coupe too, which now puts out 450PS. As for the ultimate SUV, well it could be the company's new SQ5. Arguably more significant is the latest fourth generation A8 saloon, which claims to take autonomous driving to the next level.

ONE TO WATCH: The A8 sets new standards for driver-less technology in the luxury saloon segment.


The Bentley Bentayga may split opinion about its looks, but there's no doubting its ability on and off-road. There's also a facelifted version of the company's top Mulsanne saloon. A more traditional addition to the range is the new Grand Convertible that shares much of its style and underpinnings with the Mulsanne saloon.

ONE TO WATCH: The Bentayga may not be the prettiest luxury SUV of its kind, but it's massively capable on- and offroad.


The key news for BMW dealers is the announcement of a third generation version of the company's mid-sized X3 SUV. There's also a fresh lifestyle-orientated option for Executive segment buyers in the form of the new 6 Series Gran Turismo model. In other news, the company has revised its 2 Series Coupe and Convertible range. And also done the same for its 4 Series line-up.

ONE TO WATCH: The X3 is a far more competitive mid-sized premium-badged SUV than its predecessor.


Citroen is gradually re-inventing itself as a maker of interesting cars. The C4 Cactus crossover model began that trend “ and the third generation version of the company's C3 supermini continued it. That C3 form the basis of the brand's latest SUV Crossover model, the C3 AIRCROSS. It looks sassy and there's even a built-in camera that can record road accident situations or send video clips of your travels to your friends.

ONE TO WATCH: The C3 AIRCROSS is an interesting alternative to the Juke and Captur market leaders in the small SUV segment.


Dacia has finally pensioned off the old 1.2-litre 16V 75bhp petrol engine that used to prop up models in its Sandero and Logan MCV line-ups. In its place is a far peppier and more efficient 1.0-litre SCe 75 three cylinder unit. The Romanian brand has also given its popular Duster a mild makeover in recent times, so there's an updated front grille and headlights, as well as some small changes to the dash design. There's also a new 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine.

ONE TO WATCH: The Sandero is Britain's cheapest car and now makes more sense with the frugal 1.0-litre engine.


The DS brand is slowly growing following introductions last year which saw new DS3 and DS4 models arrive to join the existing DS5. There's now a 'Connected Chic' version of the popular DS3, but the really important arrival for the marque will be the DS7 Crossback SUV, due to be launched at the end of the year.

ONE TO WATCH: The DS7 Crossback is an interesting option if you want something bigger and different to models like Audi's Q3 and BMW's X1 in the premium-badged mid-sized SUV segment.


Fiat has rejuvenated its 500L small MPV and added a Crossover-style trim level into the range. There's also a new SUV-orientated Panda model, the Panda Cross. And a special version of the brand's iconic 500 citycar, the 500 'Anniversario', to celebrate this model's 60th birthday.

ONE TO WATCH: The Panda Cross is a fun option for citycar buyers.


The big news for Ford dealers is the launch of the all-new seventh generation Fiesta supermini. The current standard range will quickly be fleshed out with an ST hot hatch, a Vignale luxury version and an 'Active' Crossover-style model.

In the last year, the brand has also rejuvenated other models in its line-up, including the EcoSport small SUV and the B-MAX supermini-MPV. We've also seen the launch of a fresh version of the company's Kuga mid-sized SUV. And the introduction of the company's KA+ citycar.

ONE TO WATCH: The MK7 model Fiesta is arguably the most class-competitive supermini Ford has yet brought us.


Honda's key current introduction is the tenth generation Civic, a family hatch with an all-new range of turbo petrol engines. There's a 1.0-litre unit and a 1.5-litre powerplant to choose from. Interior quality is much improved.  Recently, the brand has introduced a potent Type-R hot hatch version of this car putting out a powerful 320PS.

At the other end of the line-up sits the second generation NSX supercar. It boasts a petrol V6 and electric motor that combine to give 550bhp.

ONE TO WATCH: New Civic promises to give its European rivals a run for their money.


Hyundai has been busy this year launching its all-new third generation i30 family hatchback model range and the Korean brand has now added to the line-up with three new i30 variants: a 'Tourer' estate, a smarter 'Fastback' five-door bodystyle and a hot hatch i30N variant. The IONIQ model introduced last Autumn can now be ordered in Plug-in hybrid form too.

The next big challenge for the company will be to launch its first small Crossover SUV, the Kona, which reaches the showrooms later this year.

ONE TO WATCH: The i30 is a far more competitive family hatch than before and now offers arguably the widest range of model options in the class.


Jaguar's big news is the introduction of its new compact SUV, the E-PACE. As the name suggests, this model slots into the company's range just below the existing - and very successful - F-PACE SUV, but it's a very different car, based on the underpinnings of a Range Rover Evoque and built not in the Midlands but in Graz, Austria.

In other news, Jaguar has introduced a wider range of 2.0-litre petrol and diesel Ingenium engines to its XE and XF ranges - and launched an XF Sportbrake estate too. There's also a revised version of the company's XJ top luxury saloon, including a potent XJR575 flagship version. And the F-TYPE sportscar has been upgraded and can now be ordered in a more affordable 2.0-litre four cylinder form.

ONE TO WATCH: The E-PACE s likely to become Jaguar's biggest seller.


Jeep dealers are getting ready to launch their new mid-sized SUV, the Compass. It's aimed at the Nissan Qashqai / Volkswagen Tiguan segment of the market. Most versions will be sold with AWD, a 9-speed auto gearbox and a 138bhp diesel engine.

In other Jeep news, there are two new limited edition Wrangler models, the 'Night Eagle' and the 'Rubicon Recon'. Plus the brand claims that in its 707bhp Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, it has the most powerful and quickest SUV ever. The brand's best seller, the Renegade, is now available in special edition 'Tough Mudder' guise.

ONE TO WATCH: The Compass should build on the Renegade model's success for Jeep.


The key news from Kia is the launch of its new generation Picanto citycar. Another fairly recent Kia showroom arrival is the Niro small crossover hybrid model, a car now available to PHEV plug-in hybrid guise.  Earlier this year, the brand launched its new Rio supermini, a car now offered in special edition 'Pulse' guise. Also pretty new is a PHEV version of the company's Mondeo-sized Optima. Later this year, Kia will launch its new compact SUV, the Stonic, and its classy Stinger executive saloon.

ONE TO WATCH: Much improved Picanto citycar now has greater appeal to urban drivers.


Land Rover has finally laid the Defender to rest and a replacement is not due until 2018. In the meantime, Land Rover has the new fifth generation Discovery and the all-new Range Rover Velar. There are also significantly revised versions of the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover in the showrooms too. Plus the brand hasn't long launched the Evoque Convertible, which is based on the three-door model and has a fabric roof.

ONE TO WATCH: The MK5 model Discovery could be all the family car you'll ever need.


There's plenty that's new with Lexus. The brand has an all-new LC coupe, plus an all-new version of its LS luxury saloon. Substantial revisions have been made to the company IS compact executive saloon too.

ONE TO WATCH: Sleek LC could be a surprise contender for upscale coupe buyers' custom.


The big news for the brand is the introduction of an all-new second generation version of its CX-5 family Crossover model. The Mazda MX-5 can now be ordered with a metal folding roof in clever RF form. Elsewhere in the range, the improved Mazda2 family hatch offers a smarter cabin and improved media connectivity and is now available in a new 'Tech Edition' variant.

ONE TO WATCH: CX-5 is a good looker and it drives very well too.


Mercedes have been busy of late, following a flurry of new model activity last year with the announcement of the new E-Class Coupe, plus revised versions of the AMG GT supercar and the GLA compact Crossover. There's a heavily revised version of the S-Class saloon. And the E-Class range is boosted by the arrival of a new E-Class Cabriolet model and a 4x4 'ALL-TERRAIN' version of the E-Class Estate.

ONE TO WATCH: New E-Class Coupe offers a six-figure feel for sensible money.


The MG GS Crossover, launched last year, offers just about everything you get from a Nissan Qashqai but for a lot less cash. It's also well equipped and quite decent to drive. The next launch for the brand will be of the slightly smaller XS SUV next year.

ONE TO WATCH: MG GS is a low-price alternative to family-sized Crossover rivals


The second generation MINI Countryman brings the brand back to the fore in the compact Crossover segment. This car is bigger and better connected than before. Where previously, the Countryman sat rather uneasily between Juke-sized small models and Qashqai-sized family-sized Crossover contenders, this MK2 version firmly establishes itself at the 'family' end of the spectrum. It's now available in hot 'JCW' form - and in PHEV plug-in hybrid guise too.

ONE TO WATCH: New Countryman has distinctive looks and style with reasonable practicality.


The latest version of the ASX compact Crossover keeps Mitsubishi near the front of this keenly contested market. It has smarter looks and extra equipment. The recently revised Outlander family SUV continues to sell strongly, especially in PHEV Plug-in form. Outlander buyers are currently being offered a 'Keiko' special edition version of this model. The next big news for the brand will be the introduction of its new Eclipse Cross SUV early next year.

ONE TO WATCH: The ASX remains a popular Crossover segment choice.


Nissan's big news is the introduction of a substantially updated version of its Qashqai mid-sized SUV Crossover. The brand has also significantly updated its slightly larger X-Trail SUV model too.  In other news, Nissan dealers have had a good response to the Spring launch of the fifth generation Micra supermini. This car features more eye-catching styling and more efficient running costs. Expect it to appeal to a much younger buying demographic.  Under the bonnet, buyers get the choice of either a naturally aspirated 73hp 1.0-litre petrol engine, a 0.9-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol unit or a 1.5-litre diesel, the latter two powerplants both developing 90hp.

ONE TO WATCH: If you're used to the conservative design of the old fourth generation Micra, you may need to sit down and have a cup of hot sweet tea after looking at this one.


Peugeot is introducing an updated version of its 308 family hatch, with smarter looks and greater media connectivity. As part of the changes, the brand has updated its 308 GTi hot hatch model too. Dealers have had a good response to the launch of the second generation 3008 SUV, earlier this year. For MPV buyers, the brand has its new large Traveller MPV, surely big enough for any family.

ONE TO WATCH: The revised 308 is a more effective Focus and Golf segment contender.


Porsche has introduced a second generation version of its Panamera luxury five-door model. This follows on from the activity in its sportscar line-up last year when four cylinder turbocharged engines were introduced for the latest generation versions of its Boxster and Cayman sportscars, these now re-badged the '718 Boxster' and '718 Cayman'. These changes distance these cars a little further from the iconic 911 line-up, which was itself re-positioned with all-new engines last year.

ONE TO WATCH: Panamera now features much more appealing styling.


Renault continues its product offensive in 2017. There's now a heavily revised version of its Captur small SUV and a large Koleos SUV for those seeking a Crossover with slightly more space than can be offered by the company's Kadjar SUV model. Away from SUVs, there's now a hot 'GT' version of the Twingo citycar, a Sport Tourer estate version of the Megane family hatch and an updated version of the ZOE electric car boasting a much longer operating range.

ONE TO WATCH: The new Captur model should consolidate Renault's strong position in the small SUV segment.


Rolls-Royce's big news is the announcement of a new generation version of its top saloon, the Phantom. The company added the Dawn super-luxury convertible model to its range in 2016 and it's selling strongly amongst the super-wealthy. It's essentially an open-topped version of the Wraith coupe and shares that model's engine and styling.

ONE TO WATCH: The new Phantom revives much of the style of a bygone age.


SEAT's most important arrival this year is the all-new fifth generation version of its Ibiza supermini. Elsewhere in the SEAT range, the Leon family hatch range has been lightly revised, with a revised trim structure and upgraded media connectivity. The brand's first SUV Crossover model, the Ateca, continues to sell strongly and will shortly be joined by a smaller SEAT SUV, the Arona.

ONE TO WATCH: The MK5 model Ibiza supermini will rejuvenate SEAT sales in this sector.


Having just launched one SUV, the 7-seat Kodiaq, Skoda dealers are just about to launch another. The Karoq will replace the strong-selling Yeti model and should reach the showrooms later this Autumn.

The rest of Skoda's line-up has been significantly revised in recent times. The Citigo citycar has undergone a minor update, plus the Rapid models have also been facelifted and gain a new 1.0 TSI engine. That unit also features in the lightly revised version of the company's Octavia family hatch, which features a potent vRS 245 flagship variant.

ONE TO WATCH: The Karoq SUV is a temptingly capable 5-seat family all-rounder.


The Fortwo and Forfour citycar models are both now available in full-battery-powered 'electric drive' form. Power comes from a 60kW (81bhp) electric motor mated to a one-speed auto transmission. In other smart news, the brand has just launched new BRABUS sport fortwo coupe and forfour Disturbing London editions. And the standard fortwo and forfour ranges have a new, more affordable 'pure' entry trim level.

ONE TO WATCH: smart fortwo electric drive is a good bet for city driving in eco style.


The SsangYong Korando has had a final facelift and still looks a strong proposition if you need to tow or seriously use a compact SUV of this sort. It's still a very good bet if you need 4WD in a car of this kind and want to spend way less than £20,000. In the last year, the brand has launched a lengther version of its Tivoli small SUV, the 'Tivoli XLV', and a new pick-up, the Musso. The next launch for this Korean company will be of the third generation Rexton large SUV.

ONE TO WATCH: The Korando is a good bet for towers who want capability and a competitive price.


Subaru have had a quiet year so far - but that's about to change. Later this year, there'll be a new generation version of the company's XV compact Crossover in the showrooms, plus an all-new Impreza family hatch too. For the time being, dealers have a limited run of fifty 'Black and Ivory' Outback 4x4 estate models to sell.

ONE TO WATCH: The XV's Symmetrical 4WD will keep you going when rivals would falter.


Suzuki's big news is the launch of the new fourth generation version of its Swift supermini. We'll shortly see the new Swift Sport hot hatch version of this car in the showrooms too. Earlier this year, the brand launched its Ignis small Crossover, a model that has a kerb weight starting at just 810kg. Power for the Ignis comes from a 1.2-litre petrol unit that can feature mild hybrid assistance. If you need a larger SUV, the company SX4 S-CROSS could appeal, this model facelifted at the end of last year.

ONE TO WATCH: The Ignis offers citycar buyers a trendier choice


Toyota has just launched a substantially updated version of its Yaris supermini, a model range that will shortly gain a potent GRMN hot hatch version. In other news, the Aygo citycar is now on offer in special 'X-Claim' form. And there's now a Plug-in version of the company's popular Prius hybrid. Continuing to attract attention in Toyota showrooms is the brand's striking C-HR compact Crossover. In addition, the brand has introduced an all-new Proace van in recent times and is offering it in people carrying MPV form as the 'Proace Verso'.

ONE TO WATCH: The new Prius Plug-in is better to drive and sleeker than before.


Vauxhall, now owned by the French PSA Group, has just launched a new generation version of its Insignia Sports Tourer medium range estate, a range that will shortly be joined by an SUV-orientated 'Country Tourer' variant. A hot Insignia GSi model will reach the showrooms later this year. Earlier this Spring, the brand launched its Crossland X small SUV, a model that'll be joined later this year by the larger Qashqai-sized Grandland X. In other Vauxhall news, the VXR8 super saloon bows out with a potent GTS-R model.

ONE TO WATCH: Insignia now looks a more credible Mondeo competitor than before.


Volkswagen has had a busy year, introducing a heavily updated Golf range last Spring. The brand will be following that up shortly with the introduction of an all-new sixth generation version of its Polo supermini. The latest generation version of the company's Tiguan mid-sized SUV is selling well and that model line-up will shortly be expanded by the addition of a larger 'ALLSPACE' version. Expect a plug-in hybrid Tiguan GTE model early next year too, along with a hot GTI version of the up! citycar.

ONE TO WATCH: New Golf is smarter and cleverer, plus offers the option of more efficient 1.5 TSI EVO power.


Volvo's big news is the launch of a second generation version of its XC60. This premium-badged mid-sized SUV shares much with the larger XC90 model, including its top T8 plug-in hybrid engine. Volvo's V90 estate is now available in 4x4 'Cross Country' guise.

ONE TO WATCH: The MK2 model XC60 promises to make Volvo a much bigger player in the mid-sized SUV sector.


All of the prices mentioned above are the retail prices at time of writing. Keep an eye out on our website to find the great prices on all of these new cars. We are constantly adding new cars to our range of great deals. Keep checking back for the latest offers to find yourself the car of your dreams for a fraction of the price.

Through AutoeBid you can simply specify the delivery date you want your new car by and if the delivery date is from September 2016 it will be on the new '66' plate that applies to any cars registered from that date.

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