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There can be a lot of stress involved when buying a car. You have to decide on a suitable size, number of doors, petrol or diesel, and this is all before a colour has even been picked.

Taking the right steps in preparing for buying a car can save a lot of stress, and more importantly a lot of money.

Buying a car can be a satisfying achievement when it's a smooth sale, so follow this advice and watch the pounds fall off the price tag.

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Choose your add-ons wisely

Dealerships will try to convince you that you need this cover, or that insurance, when in actual fact you don't. Some add-on products can be very useful, but there are others that you won't get much use out of but could leave you out of pocket. Do research on each add-on and carefully consider whether it fits your requirements or not. Keep in mind that it may be possible to acquire the add-on after you have purchased the car for a cheaper price with alternative sellers.

Read our guide to add-on products here for more details.


The research you carry out on the car you are wanting to buy you should have an idea of how much it will cost and be able to work out what you can afford.

Open the negotiating with a low price, as this allows the dealer to work the price up to an offer that you can comfortably pay.

If the dealer comes back with an offer that is more than you can afford, and is not willing to go lower, you can suggest that their is competition from another dealer who's offered a better quote. This may force the dealer into dropping the price.

Consider the resale value

You haven't even sat in the driving seat yet, but part of your focus should be on the resale value when it comes to selling the car. Keeping the car's depreciation low by including options such as air conditioning, built-in satellite navigation and parking sensors can help save money in the long run.

Depreciation is the term used to describe the difference in worth when you first purchase and then sell the car.

Pay by cash

Paying by cash is an easier option when buying a car compared to other methods, as you can save money over the long term by reducing interest costs.

However, it is a good idea to keep enough money aside for any ongoing expenses and emergencies.

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Shop online

If you're not in a position where you can pay in cash then surfing the web to buy a new car is very easy and quick, and you can reduce additional costs that cover the dealer's commission and operational expenses.

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