Formula One, the game where it all started for the F1 management simulation genre, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Despite being a long way away from the 3D graphics of today's best-selling video game franchises, the 1985 cassette tape release became one of the most lovable and addicting sports management computer games of the 1980s.

Published by CRL Group PLC on the Amstrad CPC, Formula One allowed 1-6 players to take control of up to six teams of the early 80s. Ferrari, Williams, Renault and McLaren were all fan favourites, as well as the now-defunct Brabham and Lotus.

Once a team was picked, players were then tasked with choosing two sponsors and two drivers, with the best of the best from the 80s available. Players who were looking to manage their teams on a shoestring could also pick from six 'novice' drivers.

Managers worked within a budget to get the best out of their teams, with engine and chassis upgrades not coming cheap, and then there was the option to replace your entire pit crew for a more experienced one. In Formula One, there was no such thing as loyalty. Sadly they didn't integrate MotorPocket's finance calculator to help pay for the upgrades.

It didn't stop there though, as unsurprisingly the high-pressure, cash filled world of Formula One racing also challenged managers to choose tyres for each car, while factoring in how poor weather conditions could mean the difference between finishing first or coming in last.

Once your car was deemed race-worthy, races were depicted via a timing board that displayed the top six in order. The animated crowd followed the cars as they flashed by, with distinctions made as cars come into the pits. This is when the game manages to add some arcade skill and variation to its management simulation, by instructing managers to move a pit crew member around to undo each tyre via a keyboard.

Amstrad CPC

Flash forward 30 years from the 1985 milestone in racing games then, and car buyers are now being encouraged to engage with car finance via MotorPocket CFX Racing, an online racing game that challenges players to speed round several laps of a race track with highest points awarded for staying within the "rules" of the finance type.

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What is your favourite memory of Formula One (1985)?

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