List of Cheap Insurance Cars

With so many different insurance groups, knowing the cheapest cars to insure is valuable information. At AutoeBid, we've put together a list of the cars in insurance Group 1, so you can cut straight to the numbers. Insure and go.

What determines the insurance band of my car?

It's important to see how insurance bands are set, especially if you haven't settled on a car.

The Group Rating Panel (of the Association of British Insurers) assigns a car its band. Typically, high performance cars are placed in the higher bands which cost more. Insurers deem them a greater risk due to the extra power available.

Factors that affect the insurance band include:

  • Car performance - power and acceleration.
  • Price of parts - the cost of 23 common parts are compared.
  • New car value - this offers a guide to the repair cost.
  • Safety where Autonomous Emergency Braking is fitted, the chance of low speed collisions is significantly reduced.
  • Car security -  high security door locks, alarm/immobilisation systems, glass etching (etc) can reduce costs. 

Perhaps a less expected factor is 'Bumper Compatibility'. Insurers have criteria for bumpers because they are such an important factor in preventing damage. The alignment and structure of both bumpers significantly affect how it performs in an accident. Cars that meet the insurer's criteria have cheaper rates.


Here are the Group 1 cars.




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