The idea of an electric hybrid has been around since the turn of the 20th century. The conventional hybrid, epitomised by the Prius, since just before the millennium. And Elon Musk has been producing all electric cars, with Tesla, since 2008.

Tesla GigaFactory

Tesla have also begun their production of their GigaFactory in Nevada, where Musk hopes to begin the process of producing enough batteries to sustain the demand that will occur as the world moves towards sustainable energy.

And this shift in beliefs about global warming and the need to be sustainable hasn’t gone unnoticed. Where Toyota were occasionally ridiculed by their desire to improve on efficiency and make a better tomorrow nearly 20 years ago. The big car manufacturers are finally beginning to turn their hand to the electric car and getting positive reviews.

Below we look at what some of the industry are doing and highlight how electric isn’t just improving efficiency but also power!

BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition


Considering BMW were voted one of the most sustainable companies by Dow Jones in 2008. It took them until 2013 to release the i3, their first zero emissions vehicle. And while they may have shown up later than most. The i3 is the most efficient vehicle of all fuel classes according to the Environmental Protection Agency. BMW also recently moved into the higher end sports mobiles with the i8. They have begun adding hybrid features to their other ranges of cars too. With claims of an all-electric 3 series to come by 2018.


Ferrari have taken a different approach to the use of electric and hybridising their vehicles. They are utilising the power that can be stored to improve the power output of their prancing horses. Their recent LaFerrari utilises systems similar to those on Formula one cars to return energy created in breaking or when too much power is created, into a battery. This stored energy is then used to give a boost of extra power when needed.

Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3


As mentioned at the beginning the industry specialists in electric cars. Tesla have the aim of bringing reliable and useable electric vehicles to the masses. Elon Musk has made it his life aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the car industry. If he manages to produce the required batteries that he envisions, Tesla will go from strength to strength.


Much like Ferrari, McLaren are utilising the power of electric for performance enhancements, their P1 was the first and was a 903hp monster. The success of that car has spurred McLaren on and they plan on releasing an all-electric version by the time 2022 comes around.


Mercedes are utilising the power of hybrids to help reduce their overall carbon footprint. Currently available in the E-Class. They can provided added power for acceleration or completely support the car at speeds of up to 22mph or when 'sailing' on the motorway.


Porsche have unveiled a hybrid version of the Panamera with the aim of reducing the damage to the planet. The car comes with all their usual power and comfort with the advantage of lowered emissions and an improved fuel economy.

Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf


Moving to the spiritual home of hybrid technology over in Japan. We start with Nissan who are offering the Leaf which is their full electric. Nissan have got fully on board with sustainability. They have a number of hybrids, albeit produced in lower numbers, available on the market. Nissan are also set to announce a new range extended replacement for the Leaf during 2016.


Honda have brought back the NSX. This iteration is utilising Hybrid technology like the supercar manufacturers. But Hondas experience in the electric world began with its everyday vehicles. They have a wide range of battery cell to hybrid cars available such as their Accord and their all electric EV. They recently teamed up with Solar City to move towards the goal of zero emission vehicles.

Toyota Prius Toyota Prius

Finally, we return to Toyota. The Prius may once have been a mockery. However, they now account for over 3 million of the vehicles we have on the roads today. With great looks and the need for efficiency. The Prius looks set for a healthy future.

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