Just Add Fuel/Fuel and Go deals

Just Add FuelTM is a Peugeot term for their all-inclusive offer. Over the past few years, it's really gained some traction. The good news is, buying a Peugeot through AutoeBid combines Just Add Fuel with our regular great savings on Peugeots.


What is Just Add Fuel?

Peugeot covers all costs except fuel when you buy a new car from them using this deal (available through AutoeBid). The deal is also available on some Citroens. For a fixed monthly cost (over three years), you get:

  • The car
  • Insurance (typically up to 3 drivers)
  • Car tax
  • Warranty
  • Servicing
  • Roadside assistance

About Just Add FuelTM

Initially this offer was targeted at younger drivers. Insurance can be the most expensive extra cost for young drivers, so Peugeot covering that is a genuinely enticing offer to this market. However, to use this offer you must have two years' no claims discount and be aged 21 -30 or 25 - 30 (depending on the car). This perhaps eliminates some of the potential customer base. It also stands to reason that excess still applies on any claim, paid by the car owner.

While it is still on the smaller cars, Just Add Fuel has been extended to cover more of Peugeot's range. It's a clever concept that seems to play on basic human psychology: What worries people the most when they buy a car (new or used)? Most likely, the associated costs for insurance, repairs, breakdown etc. So, to know that there's a big tick next to all of these - for the whole three years - is a strong proposition.

The reality is, all new cars will come with a warranty (usually at least three years) and roadside assistance. So, while the all-encompassing nature makes it look enticing, the only benefits from any other offer are the car tax, servicing and insurance. As we explored in our article on cars with free insurance. Often, a service package will be offered for around £500 in a regular deal.

Peugeot sell Just Add Fuel as being 'piece of mind' - you will pay exactly the same every month.

Current Just Add Fuel Peugeots

Current 'Just Add Fuel' Peugeots        
108 208 2008 308 308 SW 3008
3-door Active 3-doore Active Design Menthol New 2008 Active 1.2 & 1.6 5-door Active Active Active
5-door Active 5-door Active Design Lime New 2008 Allure 5-door GT Line GT Line
3-door Allure 5-door Allure Premium
Top! 5-door Allure 5-door Roland Gerros
3-door Active
3-door GT Line
5-door GT Line
3-door GTI
5-door Active


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