List of Free Insurance Car Deals

Free or included car insurance deals are likely to mean saving £30-£100 a month, a number of manufacturers are helping to cut running costs by offering free insurance. This could represent a great saving especially for new drivers.

We can also obtain a wider range of cars via our partners Marmalade with free insurance.

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The Citroen and Peugeot deals typically offer three years insurance matching the finance terms, however, most other deals only include one years insurance or a contribution. Therefore budgeting for subsequent years' premium is important.

The likes of Hyundai, Vauxhall and Volkswagen currently have special offers on some of their most popular models, as well as insurance contributions. You can find some of the best deals on the market below, and we can help you save even more when selecting the model through AutoeBid.

Peugeot - Just Add Fuel - three years of insurance

Peugeot 108 Free Insurance

For new car buyers, Peugeot could be the go to manufacturer thanks to their Just Add Fuel deal which allows for a three-year PCP deal that includes insurance, road tax, servicing, warranty and roadside assistance costs to be packaged into a single monthly payment for three years. It's also for up to three people, so this really could be quite a hefty saving over all.

This offer works on the Peugeot 108, 208, new 2008 SUV and both the 308 hatch & SW Estate. To use this offer you must have two years' no claims discount be aged 21, 25 or 30, depending on the model.

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Citroen - Simply Drive - three years of insurance


The Citroen Simply Drive seems almost identical to the one offered by Peugeot, except it is a lease scheme. This means at the end of the three years, you will have the chance to get a new Citroen, or choose 'another end of agreement option', which might include purchasing the car.

This does mean you can choose from the majority of the Citroen range and get a few more services thrown in like payment waiver (to protect you against unemployment). However, the insurance premium is calculated for your risk profile, suggesting many will do better sourcing their own insurance policy.

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Volkswagen Polo & Up - insurance free for one year

Volkswagen Polo Free Insurance

Buyers of new Volkswagen Polos can now benefit from a year's free insurance, with the offer available through the Polo range for drivers that are aged 18 or over.

The offer also exists for the Volkswagen Up! for drivers 19 or over. Younger drivers may need to have their cars fitted with a 'black box', but it seems a small price to pay given the value of the insurance.

The same deal is also available for the sportier GT Line or GTI models, however, it can only be taken up by those who are older than 25.

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SEAT Ibiza SC FR - 1 year free insurance


The SEAT Ibiza SC FR Technology model is available to order with 1 year of free insurance. It is for drivers aged 18+, but as with many of these offers, the terms are different depending on your age.

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