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It being only the second working day of the second quarter of 2013, AutoeBid has found most new car manufacturers had updated their new car offers with 0% finance the clear popular choice of offer from manufacturers for April to June 2013.

From experience most manufacturers take a staggering amount of time in deciding if they will extend the new car deals offered in the previous quarter to the following quarter, with most still quoting out of date offers on their websites.

AutoeBid has published a list of the best new car deals from manufacturers on its website and from experience most of these deals will be extended.

Latest Updates*

BMW have reduced the dealer deposit contributions but have reduced APR

Fiat have kept the deposit contribution but have increased the APR

Ford look to have kept their deals for the current quarter.

Honda have extended some offer and included 0% across most of the range.

Hyundai have changed most offers focused on 0% across most of the range.

Jaguar has maintained their offers.

Kia have maintained the APR deals and have included a larger discount on the Cee’d.

Range Rover have extended their offers.

Mazda have extended their offers.

Mercedes-Benz have extended their offers.

Mini have improved their APR deals but reduced the deposit contributions

Toyota have extended their offers.

Volkswagen have extended their offers.

Volvo have extended their offers.

Both Audi and Vauxhall had not updated their new car deals.

View manufacturers new car deals and offers for the 1st quarter of 2013

* Offers were checked on the 3rd April 2013 however may contain inaccuracies.

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